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Missione Del 15/12/2016

Von Faust

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Come accennato ieri se siete tutti d'accordo editerei una missione con RA 1.40.




- Team vs Team

- All vs AI (su singole unità)

- All vs AI (in multystation estremo)

- Altre proposte


Cortesemente fatemi sapere entro breve.

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Viste le novità dell'RA 1.40 direi che giocatori contro AI è d'obbligo, se poi si vuole fare singlestation o multistation è lo stesso (anche se come primo test della nuova versione della MOD opterei per un semplice singlestation per non incorrere in qualche possibile nuova instabilità). :wink:

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A beneficio di tutti le novità rispetto alla mod che utilizziamo


Some info about add-on "Reinforce Alert" (DWX 1_37 version).
[ * - Hardcoded fix ]
1. - Airstrip has been fixed for driveable S-3 Viking successful landing.
2 - USNI data added picture Communication Center.
3 - USNI DATA: TU-142 Bear new photo added.
4 - S-3 Viking dll files fixed. *
5 - SUB SSP stations: Sound propagation fixed to meters per second instead feet per second at SUB with metric system. *
6 - Akula-2 Improved: Missiles names at weaponloadout and Fire Control station changed to "Sizzler" instead 3M-54e1 ASCM and ALFA ASM instead 3M-51 ALFA.
7 - Depth of communication has been fixed - now the AI submarine can not get new contacts when they are below Comms depth. *
8 - Variable Communication Depth use: Radiomasts, Floating wires, ELF comms. *
9 - AI Ship will now attack the AI Ship targets,that a player promoted by LINK 11 communication. *
10 - AI Sub: will now attack the AI Ship and AI SUB targets,that a player promoted by LINK 11 communication. *
11 - AI Plane: will now attack the AI Ship and AI SUB targets,that a player promoted by LINK 11 communication. *
Note About Communication: If another Ownside sub is player driven, you both must be at comms depth with the radio mast extended at the same time before you will see each other.
If you have your radio mast extended and he has his floating wire out,
he will see you but you will not see him.
The radio mast is needed to transmit OwnShip position data.
12 - Black Shark User Torpedo wire guide option bug has been fixed.
13 - Udaloy: Active Sonar Station range scales now in kilometers instead Kyds. Active Transmit Power designated an buttons.
14 - SUB Countermeasure Doctrine has been fixed. Declared conditions of work CMs - supported.
15 - Kilo ALROSA Loadout: Repalace SS-N-16 Stallion AI to SS-N-15 Starfish AI.
16 - Udaloy DDG and O.H.Perry FFG: Countermeasure launch low altitude has been fixed. *
17 - Yankee SSBN: Damage 3d model has been fixed.
18 - S-3 Viking 3D model has been updated.(From Betamod ver 4.1)
19 - Comms Depths reference added to USNI Data and "Manual" Folder.
20 - Bug in 688 SubCommand campaign mission "Halifax" has been fixed.
DDG 51 Approach Trigger was dependant on wrong trigger not to be fired resulting
in the scenario becoming impossible to finish.

Some info about add-on "Reinforce Alert" (DWX 1_38 version).
[ * - Hardcoded fix ]
1 - ADCAP User Doctrine Fixed: Passive Speed Search Set To 45 kts.
2 - Udaloy Active Sonar Ranges Labels fixed to meters.
3 - AGM-88 HARM Missile water crush problem has been fixed
4 - KA-27 Helix USER, added capability take 2 x Kh-35 URAN [sS-N-25 SwitchBlade ] missiles in loadout. *
Pylons has been removed, weapon loadouts placed inside helo body.
5 - Fixed bug with "freeze" russian torpedoes (AI TEST-71 Series).
6 - Fixed bug with KH-35 Uran User, when at short attack range, missile not able hit target.
7 - Sailboat added sound for broadband sonar control User Sub.
8 - US Iowa Class: Fixed To Iowa BB and Iowa CG separate classes. Now Iowa BB able to Shell engage.
9 - Some airstrips has been fixed.
10 - Victor-I SSN: Fix bug when torpedo SET-65 unavailable to loadout from main rack.*
11 - Victor-II SSN: Fix bug when torpedo 65-76 unavailable to loadout from main rack.*
12 - Victor-II SSN: Float Wire an 3D model, coordinates has been corrected.
13 - Bug fixed when AI Sub shot not from doctrine command - fast shot problem (bug 1.37 version) *.
14 - Section "SSP INFO" Added To USNI Data.
15 - Mk 37 Mobile Target - difficult kill bug, has been fixed.
16 - Mobile Mines Doctrine has been fixed, crush depth reached bug remove.
17 - KA-27, MH-60: Fixed bug when Contacts Nav.Map and Acoustic Display have different ID *.
18 - Fixed bug, when sonobuoys undetectable with User MF Active sonar.
19 - Added F-22 Raptor F/A To U.S.
20 - Added GBU-39 Bomb
21 - Added Command Bunker LandBased Hard Object.
22 - Speed Cavitation O.H.P FFG and Udaloy DDG increased To 20-21 kts (vs default 6 kts for O.H.Perry) *.
23 - Fixed a default DW bug, where one type Player submarine and AI submarine, had not the same speed and depth of cavitation *.
(For sample: AI KILO cavitating an 213 feet and 10 knots, but the KILO Player not cavitating at the same depth and speed.)
24 - Cavitation is now dependent on the structure of the props:5-blades,7-blades, Pumpjet,etc... Old or new technologies production propellers.*
25 - SA-22 Greyhound SAM Site with 9M335 missile added.
26 - Moskva CVH: 57mm guns fixed firing cones.
27 - Removed bugs voices and text messages with User controllable air platform - when TIW, and detonation message has been received *.
28 - The inability to set a minefield in the mission editor eliminated (bug 1.37 version).
29 - SH-3D Sea King ASW Helo added to Peru NAVY.
30 - AI Sub Doctrines remastered for preventing cavitation in tracking and pursuit modes.
31 - Rubis And Amethyst SSN: ASURA SSM missile replaced to SM-39 EXOCET SSM in loadouts *.
32 - Main menu - sound theme has been replaced.

Some info about add-on "Reinforce Alert" (DWX 1_39 version).
[ * - Hardcoded fix ]
1 - FCRadars: Location on AI platforms now finally has been fixed for right direction. For sustainable illumination target for missiles.
2 - Active Sonar sensors for controllable platforms located now in correct model coordinates.
3 - KA-27 AI: Ataka Missile put into helo body from outside pylons.
4 - Fixed a default bugs, where the ESM and active intercept AI platform, receives the signal at a time when active sonar or radar gives radiation in the other direction.
5 - Fixed bug when a AI torpedo fired snapshot against active ping player, unable attack Player Submarine.
6 - Mi-24 Hind: Fixed bug when ATAKA Strike Missiles no takes in pylons.
7 - LPAR Radar 3D model: fixed to right direct position.
8 - ESM Sensors AI aviation: added ability calculate Target Range according fast triangulation method.
9 - AI SS-N-22 Sunburn SSM missile: Added ESM Sensor. Allowed 2 separate search mode - Passive with ESM or Active Radar.
10 - Doctrine "Fighter evade from missile" has been improved.
11 - For military cargo planes and refueling tankers added ability throw countermeasure if CM applicable.
12 - Sovremennyy-II DDG Added to China.
13 - Missile SS-N-22 Sunburn SSM ER (Extended Range) added.
14 - SS-N-22 Sunburn new 3D model added.
15 - 9m120 ATAKA new 3D model added.
16 - more some new photos added to USNI data.
17 - Default bug fixed, when ESM sensors located on aircraft, not detected radars, when planes located above or below min.alt or max.alt hostile radar.
18 - TU-142F Bear User Plane: Radars has been made for separation mode search - Surface Search And Air Search Station.
19 - Russian voices messages removed from TU-142F Bear. Now it english voices.
20 - AI small missile ships (PGG PTG etc.): added ability MF/HF Radio - Launch missiles by receiving targeting data.
21 - AI Sub Doctrines finally - fixed for preventing cavitation in tracking and pursuit modes.
22 - Not russian KA-27 Helix: removed old 3D model and replaced to new.
23 - Victor-I: fixed bug when torpedoes SET-65 and SET-53 had an incorrect preset interfaces.*
24 - Victor - I; II; III, SSN: Cavitation profiles has been fixed.
25 - Doctrines for AI and User Wakehoming torpedoes has been fixed.
26 - Papa SSGN - loadouts change to SS-N-7 Starbright, instead SS-N-9 Siren. Max Depth for Sub fix to 550 meters.
27 - SS-N-7 Starbright depth underwater launch fix to 30 meters.
28 - Fixed damaged system by script for Type 212, Collins, and Harusio (ESM Mast, RadioMast, and Floating Wire).*
29 - Fixed damaged system by script for Delta-IV (ESM Mast, RadioMast, and Floating Wire).*
30 - Red October SSBN: Damaged Systems "Silent Run" and Floating Wire has been fixed.*
31 - Red October SSBN: Internal "Silent Run" engine sound has been replaced to current external sound.
Interface Contol "Silent Run" mode has been remastered.
32 - Added P-8i Neptune ASW plane to India.
33 - extracted ZIP archive with addon content now removed automatically from game folder.
34 - MIG-21 and J-7 Fighters: Pylons fixed.
35 - Y-8FQ ASW Plane added to China.
36 - H-6U Refueling AirTanker plane added to China.
37 - Surface Search Radars on planes, fixed to FLAR (Forward Looking Airborne Radar) option - cone radars has been remastered from 180 degrees sweep to forward sweep.[between 60-90 degrees].
38 - Some Radars on planes has been replaced.
39 - Radar sweep problem User Sub based on U.S Radar station has been fixed.
40 - Fixed default bug when Air Radars on User Helo and User Plane never broke,including by damage script.*
41 - ASW Planes now preventing crush on water at low altitudes.
42 - DWX trailer: sound added.
43 - Underwater missile depth launch for Deltha-IV, Typhoons, Red October, Rubis and Suffren has been fixed.
44 - P3 Orion User: Radar control has been fixed separate for Forward And Rear Radar Stations.
45 - Captors: Now enabled sensor at ordered mine depth. Shot possibility has been improved.
46 - IL-38 MAY Added Controllable.
47 - PMK-2 Mine-Torpedo Complex added with UMGT-1 Torpedo payload [Russian Captor].
48 - PLAB Doctrine has been fixed: now mid-shallow 122m. ordered detonate depth corrected.
49 - Virginia SSN: Harpoon has been replaced to SLMM.*
50 - Added d3d8.dll file for Windows 8 game compatible. [Thank Komat]
After install, you must move the file d3d8.dll from the folder Win_8_Support into the root of the game.
51 - Mobile Mine Doctrine: Improved behavior in shallow waters.
When you run the mine at a distance greater than the maximum, it is not removed now. Will be installed where ran out of fuel.
52 - Red October SSBN: Peplaced SS-N-16 Stallion To SS-N-15 Starfish Nuke Variant [ASW].*
53 - Project 1241.8 [Tarantul-V] Added To Russia
54 - Project 1241.8 RE [Tarantul-V] Added To Vietnam
55 - SSN 774 Virginia Class: added new hulls.
56 - Mistral CVH added.
57 - KA-52 Alligator, NH-90 Caiman, HAC-2 Tigre helos added
58 - TRIGAT LR (ATGM) Added.
59 - Whiskey SS Added.
60 - Foxtrot SS 3D model: prorellers fixed to 6 blades instead 7.
61 - Sonobuoys sonar model has been fixed.
62 - Stadimeter Station 688 fixed: now target range is correct.
63 - Helo Pads has been fixed. Air Carrier helo backwards traverse bug removed.
64 - UGST and USET-80 for Udaloy DDG User incorrect depth preset fixed.
65 - AI Subrocs missile Doctrine has been fixed - targeting algorithm more plausible (for different attack - depending on the available data).
66 - AI Subrocs Torpedo and AI AIR Torpedo Doctrine - fixed bug when the depth of the search without the presence of the thermal layer is set equal for all torpedo in salvo.
67 - Pr.22350 FFGH added to Russia.
68 - Missile added: SA-21 Growler SAM, 9M340 SAM, SS-N-29 Subroc.
69 - Russians CADS Missiles [sA-N-11, 9M340 SAM - Palash CIWS-CADS system] new algorithm guide has been applied.
70 - Weapons Coordinator Ship Station: Some bugs with incorrect classification has been fixed. *
71 - Weapons Coordinator Ship Station - new voice added (engage in battle order - By Bill "Subguru" Nichols).
72 - Civillian BO-105 CBS Helo Added.
73 - Super Tanker Modern, now has helo pad.
74 - Arihant SSBN added To India.
75 - Akula-II SSN Class added to India (Chakra Hull, controllable)
76 - AI Sub: Now when evading torpedoes AI captains can use the "Jump whale" - blowing ballast with a maximum boost speed of movement to the surface.
It is not allowed to diesel subs and those subs that can be controlled by the player.
77 - TMA Stations: periodicity of drawing lines was increased to 1 minute instead of 2 min default.

Some info about add-on "Reinforce Alert" (DWX 1_40 version).
1 - Mobile Mines more stable now at installation - Stay at put place, without any movement.
2 - When mishit the AI torpedoes that can be guided on the wire, will be removed, instead of moving the full distance of the cruise.
3 - Chinese Song SSK: Distributed into 2 classes - Song SSK and Song Mod SSK (less noisy).
4 - CY-I Subroc added to Song SSK as test missile.
5 - Alfa SSN - bug with speed increase removed.
6 - Kilo SS Poland, LA SSN VLS, - doctrine bug removed.
7 - SS-N-27 ASM Missiles: Change the name to Loadout and Target displays. Subsonic missile named 'Club ASM', supersonic 'Sizzler ASM'.
8 - Kartal PTGF added to Turkey.
9 - Frequency Profiles has been reworked.
10 - USNI Data: TPK and BLADES info has been updated.
11 - AI Ships Doctrines: bug behavior vs mobiles mines has been fixed.
12 - Karel Doorman FFGH Added To Netherlands.
13 - Daphne SS return to Portugal
14 - SAM missiles: added capacity to success intercept sea skimming missile and vice versa.
15 - AI SET-72 electric torpedo added.
16 - Some russians sub hulls has been renamed.
17 - User Subroc SS-N-27 ASW: search parameter for under or over layer, and acoustic mode now precisely setting.
18 - AI SuperCavitation Torpedoes (Shkvals): 2 modes detonation - MAD detect, and now allowed new mode, blow by range to target (if target range - is precisely known). Similar as players presets.
19 - Player submarine torpedoes: Launch torpedo with greater depth of the maximum depth of the torpedo, torpedoes cause destruction or even its explosion.
20 - Mobile Mines installation now only on the bottom. In the deep waters of the mine has been no secured near the bottom and will be removed.
21 - Player Air platforms: Planes Captors installation now does not operate in deep waters. The depth of the bottom in the place of captor not be more than 1000 meters (3280 ft).
22 - TU-142 and KA-27 User Platforms: added gunner station (with varied success).
23 - KA-27 User Helix: UMGT-1 Torpedo replaced to PLAB-250 depth bomb.
24 - Grisha-V: Propellers blades fixed to 3, instead 4.
25 - Quick Mission mode - all AI platforms are presented as an opponent.
26 - AI ASW planes: behavior vs Neutral ships has been fixed.
27 - AI Delta-IV Stretch SSAN class added.
28 - AI Project 10831 Losharik SSAN class added.
29 - Scenario added: SSAN HUNT name.
30 - AI Helo controlled from User Ship: Doctrine has been fixed for helo default setting in scenario (helo launch not from deck).
31 - Mistral CVG: In Database,transfered to Egypt from Russia.
32 - Scenario added: SUNSTROKE name.

Edited by Von Faust
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