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Sommergibile Cb-20


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Ciao tutti !


il mio modello di CB-20 sta progredendo.

Si transformerà in nella a radiocontrolled il

sommergibile di modello (dopo un certo tempo.)



my model of CB-20 is progressing.

It will become a radiocontrolled model submarine

(after some time..)


sorry the italian text is translated by babelfish :s68:





I bought the plans from ANB

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I will make a watertight compartment from a drainage pipe.

I plan to use the space between the pipe and the sides of the hull als ballast tanks.

this will get the sub from surface to almost submerged.

the last bit of the dive I plan to do with a small



I want the periscope to be above the water all the time,

because I want to use it as a video/wifi antenna.

so dive control must be good.


One of the problems I think about now is where to

have the openings in the completed hull to

reach the electronics and mechanics.


The photo is the original model, I will make a rubber cast from it,

and with the cast I will create the polyester hull.


I have a building log at another forum :

you can see it here


but my speed of building is low..

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Yes, the photo's of the trieste sub were a great help.

These photo's were posted because I asked for information on this forum.

I am very grateful for that help !

I also have the book (caproni e il mare).


I visisted also the CB-20 in Zagreb technical museum.

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yes, I got the plans of ANB.


A very friendly italian gentleman bought them for me.

He had not seen me before !

The on-line show did not work, and he had to contact the

secretary of the ANB to get the plans.


That is another man I am very grateful to.


later on, it appears that the general shape is OK on the plans, but

the details look very different on the Zagreb Submarine.

for example : the floodholes on the deck, the way the hatches open, and the

form of the tail.


From the book it ia also very clear there were a lot of variations in how these

boats were built.

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