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Match Between Betasom And Mille-sabords Teams


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Dear all,

I am proud to announce a new contest between the Betasom and Mille-Sabords teams on Thursday November 12th, 2009.




Thanks to the efforts of MS-Nemo and the availability of Mille-Sabords team, together with the participation of the Betasom's Commanders, we will have a great chance to compare the experiences between the italian and french DW addicted, to make an interesting and challenging play.


I will continue to keep this thread updated until the day of the match, to let all the participants able to know the latest news about our encounter.



General information


Last update: 12/11/2009 - 13:45 CET


Italian reference thread at Betasom forum: LINK

French reference thread at Mille-Sabords forum: LINK


Date: Thursday November 12th, 2009

Time: 21:00 CET

Contact: NOSPAMTOREMOVE_sertore@libero.it

Italian TS host: Truffa server

French TS host: Mille-Sabords server

Host DW: to be defined

MOD french game localization: MillSab V2.71 FR

MOD international and italian game localization: MillSab V2.71.US (Mirror: MillSab V2.71.US)

TMA: automatic - manual optional

Missions: 2 separated scenarios with about 5 subs vs. 5 subs




First mission: Betasom Alpha (FLEET1 / 3 688i - 1 Akula I - 1 Akula II) vs. Mille-sabords Alpha (FLEET2 / 1 Seawolf - 2 688i - 2 Akula II)

Second mission: Mille-sabords Bravo (FLEET1 / 1 688i - 3 Akula II) vs. Betasom Bravo (FLEET2 / 1 Seawolf - 2 688i - 2 Akula II)





Betasom (1 Seawolf - 5 688i - 1 Akula I - 3 Akula II)


Betasom Alpha (3 688i - 1 Akula I - 1 Akula II)

C.ro R.Hunter - Los Angeles 688i Miami SSN755

C.te Sertore - Project 971A K KugVar-M K454

C.te Stefano74 - Los Angeles 688i Cheyenne SSN773

C.te Kalinin - Project 971U K Pantera K317

C.te Eliosurf - Los Angeles 688i Columbus SSN762


Betasom Bravo (1 Seawolf - 2 688i - 2 Akula II)

C.te Drakken - Project 971A K Kaban-M K579

C.te Alex24 - Seawolf Connecticut SSN22 (Stand-by: PC hardware failure)

C.te Von Faust - Project 971A K Rys'-M K495

C.to Richard West - Los Angeles 688i Annapolis SSN760

C.to Gladiatore - Los Angeles 688i Albany SSN753


Mille-Sabords (1 Seawolf - 3 688i - 5 Akula II)


MS Alpha (1 Seawolf - 2 688i - 2 Akula II)

C.nt MS-Nemo - Los Angeles 688i Pasadena SSN752

C.nt hunter killer - Project 971A K Vepr' K157

D.nt UBU53 - Seawolf Jimmy Carter SSN23

C.nt LeSquatteur - Project 971A K Kyryap K337

C.nt Alex - Los Angeles 688i Charlotte SSN766


MS Bravo (1 688i - 3 Akula II)

C.nt tydan - Project 971A K Gepard-M K335

C.nt Senegaulois - Los Angeles 688i Pasadena SSN752

C.nt laurentz30 - Project 971A K KugVar-M K454

C.nt Sacha - Project 971A K Rys'-M K495

Edited by sertore
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I'm really happy to meet our French Friends again, after a so long time, expecially in a mission against Nemo and Alex, two bad guys I've already played with! :s02: :s03:


A special thank to Nemo and Sertore who had organized this double match, and to the French team for the editing


See you all on thursday night! :s20:

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Dear friends,

please note that to preserve the challenge of our match the final scenario will be different from the original one.



- the starting positions will be different from the original ones due to dynamic locations and random boxes applied to all units

- the civilian contacts will be mixed and slightly moved from the initial positions as well

- few new biologics will be introduced


Please save time and paper to print the map: do not base our strategy just on the specific mission that you have on your hand, but think to a general tactic that you can use in the scenario.


Me and MS-Nemo will be the unique editors that will know the final missions, but we will act at our best to not influence the match with voluntary cheating... :s02:

Edited by sertore
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Thanks again! :s20:


In my opinion the Bravo French team needs a fix: to have a balanced match, the SW should be used in Bravo team, not in the Alpha one. In fact now in the "Bravo Mission" we have a Betasom five sub team, with a SW, against a MS four sub team, without SW... What do you think about?

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Dear R.Hunter,

thanks for useful indication and collaborative suggestion.


I already agreed with MS-Nemo to finally fix the scenarios this evening when we will have the definitive list of participants, to balance at the best the two matches from units and commanders point of view both.

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