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Operation "marigammasom"


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Hi all,


on uboat.net I red about Operation Marigammasom, a commander training

in Gotenhafen in 1941/42 with Italian submarine Reginaldo Giuliani.

Unfortunately Gudmundur did not have additional informations.


I hope that someone in this forum can give me detailed informations about

this time or let me know where I can find informations and fotos in the net.

Which route took the boat to Gotenhafen ?


Where comes the word Marigammasom from ? It is not in Italian dictionarys.


Thanks in advance


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Hi, I insert you a link to have some information on the sub from you asked excuse me for my bad English Marigammasom it is the acronym of Seas from Marina Militare, Range that was a group of the military Marina and Som that it points out the Submergibles, hi Gino Kashin....





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how you can see in the link from Kashin, the R.Smg Giuliani was the school for the war in the atlantic for aur commander and crew. a war very different from the otther in the mediterranean sea.


MARIGAMMASOM comes from:


MARI = marina militare (Italian Navy)

GAMMA = the greek letter for "G" initial of Gotenhafen

SOM = SOMmergibile the italian translation of submarine

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Hi Totiano,


thank you very much for your explanation of this acronym.


The word Betasom is also an acronym I think ?

Is BETA the greek letter and stands for Bordeaux and SOM

for Sommergibile ?


Was Betasom only for the atlanticbound submarines operational

centre ?

How could the Italian submarines pass heavy guarded Gibraltar ?





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