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We Want Fight......

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Attentione :s02:


Clan Seadevils want fight whit great Betasom Clan.



I think that we can play am next Week.

We give are Mission Packet for DC http://www.seadevils.foxnet.pl/forum/dload...=download&id=19

and for SH 2 http://www.seadevils.foxnet.pl/forum/dload...=download&id=18


We waiting for answers. Hour we can saying later...

We can yours paket dowloaded.





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Hi Kristofer T and all clan of Sea Devils,

i've enlisted many captains in Betasom for a match with you. The last time we've many absences.

This time we are full and maybe we must make more match; also we have great dd's captain: we can invert the parts: you sub and we dd, if the idea appeals to to you.

In order to play in absolutely neutral field my idea is to match with the original SH 2 (SH 2 + patch 1.1 + PM 1.03), without other mod (neither ours mod, neither yours).

The missions that we will make will be officials stats of the september month.

Excuse for my ridiculous english, this is this reason for we prefer to organize the fight with PM and written post rather than Ventrillo's use.

We wait for your confirm and for organizate a date.

Hi, Leon X



Sub List:


Leon X




Otto Kretschmer

Von Skion



Aaken (only sunday)




DD List:




*I'll update the list with the future confirmations.

**We have some dd's absences, maybe in next match we can invert the roles.

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I come back. Say me when you are want fight??. Maybe in this weekend.

Saturday or sunday.

I think that sunday is best. This must be huge fight. Batalione. 5 vs 5 or 6 vs 6.

You have ready 1 DD. We have many DD and Sub only.

Seadevils pack mission give you(i think now about Luca) that you can have 5 units in team and you are host unit.

Say me about your mission. Where we can download??


Ciao :s02:

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