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Welcome in AD 2007.

Welcome me old friend Italiano. :s01:

Ufff. The time run very fast.

I want You say, that we have been NEW PACK mission to SH 3.

This is already next PACK.


I have a proposition.

Maybe you download are Mission PACK and we sail away :s04:

I think that this can be very interestint for Betasom and Seadevils.

I been talk which Espaniol Fleet.

Maybe we make a international league.


We have a mission and idea.

Now your step


We start server in Sunday - Thurstday: 18:00 20:30

Freiday - Saturday: 20:00 - 22:00


Name server:


Password: HUNT


But player mut have are PACK mission.

Register to are site and...... Dwonloaaaaaaaaaaaad!!! :s04:

Look to: http://www.seadevils.pl/forum/dload.php?ac...tegory&id=4

Mission: Kill me again, Seek and destroy, Welcome to hell, Return on the sea,

Newer PACK has been in English Version.


Salt. I waiting for YOU. :s01:


MMMM. Where is the chat forum :s08: ???? AND Where is Berillo :s04: ??

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Hi Kristofer..

Thank you for having written....

From some time I have problems to the computer,.. and for this motive I don't succeed in playing..

Hardly possible I make me feel..

Greet me so much all the friends of SEADEVILS.... you are Great!!..


BERILLO :s15: :s01:

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