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Hello I am new on Forum trying to get Password right

and set up for English. I am running the Betasom

Campaign 1 Mission 1 and have been Killed in Action

once and ran aground on my last try. :s01:

My Boat is the "ATROPO" 849 1XD2 Home Port

LA Spezia Does this all sound right?

Are they any extra mods I can add to this campaign?

Thank's for any info

Lane USA :s01:

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The "Betasom Campaign" is designed to be an Italian submarine campaign... type IX D2 u-boot is the u-boot more similar to an Italian one.


The Campaign begin when Italy declared war to France and the "Atropo" 1st mission is to intercept a cuple of French troops transports and sink them. The Home base of atropo is La Spezia.


Keep trying! And watch out for French aircraft!!!!

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Thank's Blowballast,

Thank's for your comments and tips on this forum

and Subsim. This time out on Alba Rossa mission

I have sunk two DD's The last DD I got was a attack

on one of French Troop transports Torp missed but hit

DD :s01: Will keep searching with Sonar and keep the Boat

down with those French Torp planes around :s03:

Fair Sea's



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