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Atlantic Warfare

Von Faust

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Il team che sta sviluppando la mod "U-boot HAND" ha reso noto i motivi per i quali i lavori sono momentaneamente fermi.......e mi sembrano ottime notizie per gli appassionati !!!

Dal sito Subsim.com:


Atlantic Warfare is born


Hi shipmates,

I am very excited to announce that Atlantic Warfare is now a reality and that development
of the new Sim is now on full swing with very talented people currently working on many aspect of the new Sim.

We will often refer to A.T.W.A.R. to talk about Atlantic Warfare.

For those who remember my early posts on subsim i mention clearly that a complete new Sim was on my mind.

We all know that most of you were expecting U-BOOT_HAHD as a super mod to be release but our priority
have now change since a window of opportunity have recently open to make something much more exciting
than a super mod on aging technology.

So from now on U-BOOT_HAHD will go on hibernation mode until we see if the simulation fans give us the
green light with the funding campaign on the Atlantic Warfare website and on Kickstarter.

Details on the pledge package and funding will soon be available on the Atlantic Warfare official website and
it will offer great value to people who contribute.

I have met with people who have work on the Silent hunter series 3,4,5 and 2 of them have already join us
and are currently working on the development of Atlantic Warfare.

So far we have assemble a fantastic team to make Atlantic Warfare a reality and all of them are naval simulation
die hard fans and experts in their respective discipline.

Here a quick list of team members involved in the development of Atlantic Warfare :

Gabriel Barbu : Gabriel was there at the very beginning of the Silent Hunter series and he work on SH3,4,5, he was
the lead graphic artist for SH5 and his experience make him an invaluable artist that we are very proud to work with.
You can have a look here at some of his work : https://www.facebook.com/pages/U-Boot-Pa...2714050708

Calin Cazan : Calin is an excellent animator who also have work on the Silent hunter series and so far he already did
amazing work on various animation task i have ask him to do for Atlantic Warfare and you will all see the quality of his
work on the Atlantic Warfare game prototype. You can have a look at some of his work here : http://calincazan.blogspot.ro/

Laurent Tremblay : Laurent was introduce to me by a colleague of mine where i am teaching video game design,
Laurent is very experience in the simulation field since he work for CAE on pilot training simulators, his experience
as a software engineer and his knowledge of C++ progaming make him the perfect candidate for Atlantic Warfare game mechanics.

Manos(makman94) : Many of you already know Manos from his excellent mods for Silent hunter 3 like Manos GUI and
Manos environment pro, Manos knowledge on GUI and optics couple with his mathematician and 2D artist skills make him
the ideal candidate to make state of the art GUI for Atlantic Warfare.

John(Reaper7): John is also a well known figure on the Subsim community and he did some amazing work for U-BOOT_HAHD
and others mods for the Silent Hunter series, John engineering knowledge couple with his skills as a 2D and 3D junior artist
make him a valuable candidate to bring Atlantic Warfare to the next level.

Hans Wittman : As the lead director of Atlantic Warfare i will put all my 16 years of knowledge in game development as a
senior 3D&2D artist and junior programer&scripting including 6 years teaching it in college to make sure Atlantic Warfare will
become the next classic in the naval simulation genre. I am also in charge of promotional material, website design and funding
campaign for Atlantic Warfare.

Other potential candidates have made contact with me recently and 2 are programers and another one is a music composer +
2 2D&3D artists, we are still in discussion and will keep you inform about new team members joining for Atlantic Warfare.

Atlantic Warfare main features:

-Enroll in the Royal navy and take control of a battleship to engage enemy fleet or protect convoy against the u-boat threat.

-Enroll in the RAF coastal command and wage war from the air against the enemy fleet.

-Enroll in the Kriegsmarine as a battleship or u-boat commander and engage enemy fleet or merchant shipping and convoys.

-Enroll in the Luftwaffe and engage enemy fleet from the air with advanced weaponry like the one use in the Bay of Biscay.

-Full Atlantic campaign and side missions including non conventional missions.

-Light RPG elements to bring a human dimension and interactivity with your crew like captain skills tree with various talents
buy with renown to upgrade your skills.

-Upgradable equipment on ships,u-boat and airplanes buy with renown at barrack located in harbors&aerodrome.

-Multiplayer will allow to play the Solo Campaign in multiplayer mode! In that mode, your strategic mind will be put
to the test through a long military campaign that runs over several days. Other game mode might be introduce later on.

-State of the art graphic&FX and realistic environment that will affect your strategy and decisions.

-Full 3D damage system with complex sinking mechanics and advanced damage managing system.

As we progress game features might be add or be modified to fit our framework.

So now it will be up to you the simulation fans to decide whether or not you want Atlantic Warfare to become the next classic naval simulation on your desktop.

The Atlantic Warfare website&forum should be going live in the coming weeks and pledges package for every budget will be available with
exciting exclusive content on some of them. Later on after we have reach all the gaming, simulation, ww2 enthusiasts, reenactment,
kit modelers website communities we will launch the kickstarter campaign to complete our necessary funding for Atlantic Warfare.

The Atlantic Warfare forum membership will be tied to a special ranking system that will take in account your donator status(Pledges package you choose)
and for some special package will give you access to participate in the private developers section of the forum to submit your idea and have an impact on game development features.

Other pledges package will give you access to exclusive content and a renown system will be introduce to buy exclusive new skins or models for Atlantic Warfare.

The first 250 donators will become automatically eligible for the close beta of Atlantic Warfare.

In late fall you will start to see actual in game footage shown on the Atlantic Warfare website so stay tuned.

The Atlantic Warfare team


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