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Welcome Commanders,
this section is reserved to the people that want to play to Dangerous Waters in the multyplayer matchups with BETASOM virtual fleet members.

Meetings are usually on Thursdays at 21.00 CET (UTC+1) and are presented with a dedicated briefings in Dangerous Waters specified section; a debriefing by all game participants is not mandatory but appreciated.

The game configuration used is:

  • Dangerous Waters stock version
  • Sonalyst patch 1.04
  • RA 1.36 MOD
  • Betamod MOD (latest version available)

We use the software TeamSpeak version 3.0 for communications.

Please use English only for your postings.


You must register to the forum, then you will be able to post in this section: a brief presentation is warmly requested.

Like an active forum participant, you may ask to play inserting a post in the briefing discussions: this is recommended to help the editors in their job.

Request for participation should be inserted not over the Tuesday before the Thursday of the game.

During the meetings the editors will state the game conditions: all the players have to respect these recommandations without exceptions.


Respect other players, always! Unfair behaviours will be not accepted at all!

We accept skilled players only (with a preference for active members of DW.pl, Simulation Sub Multi and Mille-Sabords communities introduced by the associated moderators or administrators); other applications will be evaluated by Dangerous Waters section moderators.

Repeated absence to meetings, after the inserting of participation requests, will be sanctioned with the esclusion from further meetings for a period related to the number of renounces and lacking of good reasons for that.

The use of TeamSpeak server is reserved to game participants in the date and time specified: any abuse or misuse will result in the immediate ban from TeamSpeak server and, in the worst cases, from Betasom community.


Edited by serservel
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