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Aiutiamolo - - Tomasz - -

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My name is Tomasz and i'm writeing to you from Poland.

From some time im coming on your forum and im watching whats going on.

I'm gripped by your new ships which you made aspecially submarine Calvi.

I wish make polish submarine and here i wanted ask you if u could help me with it.

I want ask you about some hints.Where should i start,what is the grafic program you use etc.

If there will be some effect of my work i will let you know about it for sure.

It would be really nice of you if you would like to help me.






Im sorry im writeing on email not on forum but i dont know Italian language at all and im not sure how can i write sometihning on your forum.




Cosa si fà???



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Guest blumen

Io direi di aiutarlo così per il momento :


1- Il modello può essere fatto con un qualsiasi programma 3D, purchè alla fine possa esportare in formato .3ds .flt o .iges .

Importante non esagerare con le dimensioni .


1- the model can be made with a whichever program 3D, that can export in format .3ds .flt or .iges. Important:non to exaggerate with the number of polygons.


Il mio inglese non è dei migliori :s06:

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Blumen non volermene, non vorrei fare il saccente ma sarebbe meglio scrivere così:


You can use any kind of Graphic Software as long as it enables you to save the files in .3ds .flt o .iges format.

Beware, do not create any file with too many polygons otherwise SH2 will be overloaded and you might have problems or lags during the game. :s02: :s01:



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Guest Gotrek

When you realize your model, you have to send it to Canarb, because it's the only having the converter-software.

You'll have also to send information about the weapon and the system of the sub.

bye :s02:

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I'm writing on your email address again because i can't reply on your forum.

Thank you for short hints but i need to say i still have some problem with finding right program to making ships.I wish make ORP"ORZEŁ".It was our submarine-the bigest one.

To be honest on the Mediterranean funcioned the other one of our submarines(ORP"DZIK"),but i will start with it a little later(next leg of construction).

I will let you know about effect of my work,and when i will finish i will tell you about it for sure:)



I'm waiting for next effects of your work,they are really good.You are really good with what you do!




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Tomasz, hy!

i'm from lithuania and i want to make ship...we could start Polish mod... :s01:

yup Polish navy was quite good during those WWII days..i could help you with creating models, but at first i have to get that max...and learn how to work with that machine... :s08:


P.S. Brothers from Baltic! :s02:

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