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  1. Video shows how to do it correctly. BEFORE START Helo programs are described in weapon manual guide in "manual" folder! Currently name: RA_Weapon_Info_rev39.pdf On top of screen is debugger window for showing how game recognise your actions Debugger was used only for this video with changed doctrines (for reciving messages) Deleting waypoints is made via keyboard "Del" PROGRAMMING: 1. You have only 2 minutes for programming - after helo launch - after helo program reseting 2. Wait 2-3 seconds after ploting your waypoint 3. Delete every single waypoint in programming procedure. - set only 1 waypoint at time and delete it - waypoint should be close to center of ASTAC display - hoover mouse cursor near waypoint (you don't need to click on it) 4. Do NOT drag your waypoint during programing procedure. - draging may mess code RESETING: 1. Delete all waypoints 2. Set new waypoint and drag it over 220 nmi from your helo 3. Delete this waypoint 4. Set new program - you have 2 minutes for this ------------------------------------- Its copy of my topic on subsim. For moderators: if you wish you can move this topic to better place. How to edit this link to show video window - not raw text?
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