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Reinforce Alert 1.50 beta

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Some info about "Reinforce Alert" (DWX 1_50 beta version).
1 - Cyclical reproduction of an "Incoming Vampire" message has been fixed for a multi-game ("on-line" radars autoclassification depending from target speed is disabled)
2 - User SAM missile operation algorithm has been fixed.
3 - User SS-N-3A SSM doctrine has been fix.
4 - AI wakehoming torpedoes operation algorithm has been improved.
5 - AI ASW Helos (not having onboard sonobuoys and dipping sonars): Improved algorithm for responding to missile launch detection from under water.
6 - Increased stability of the transition process for underwater launch missiles crossing the water-to-air border.
7 - MOSS Device added to driveable SSN 21 class and SSN 774 class.
8 - Added Midway CV, Farragut,Forrest Shermans Destroyers To US.
9 - Reworked "Target Display" Station for Type 212, Harushio and Collins subs.
10 - Reworked WeaponLoadOut Displays for subs.
11 - Reworked Graphics For Fire Control Stations Russian SSBNs.
12 - AI ASROCS: behavior algorithm has been improved.
13 - Some AI Planes has been added (for Midway CV)
14 - TACCO Station on User planes: has been reworked.
15 - Sonar Narrowband Station based by Akula interface: fq scale has been reworked. To 100 - 2500 Hz.
16 - Mk3 Atlantic: the long-awaited 3-D model finally arrived from -Jaf-.
17 - Nimitz CV: 3-D model has been replaced.
18 - AI Nixie: 3-D model for virtual active area device has been submerged.
19 - Torpedo User Doctrines: fixed bug when torpedo cannot aim at nixie towed decoy (when player shoots torpedo in mode "only anti-ship).
20 - Added AI Be-12 "Mail" SAR (Search And Resque) mission platform.
21 - Fixed the problem with external tubes on the Akula's SSN class.
22 - Juliett SSG User: Missile preparation time for launch, increased to 5 minutes.
23 - Added Controllable Charlie-II SSGN To Russia.
24 - Fixed the problem of loading the Weapon LoadOut displays for Grisha and Rogov (for some players).
25 - UUM-44 SUBROCs: Max range return to 30 Nmi. (previously fixed)
26 - Mk3 Atlantic: Fixed graphic artifacts for "Gear" and "Autopilot" switches at Pilot station.
17 - Fixed problem with torpedoes acoustic profile at classification. 
18 - Malaysia: Added New Platforms.
19 - User Diesel Subs: The speed of diesel engines on the surface has been adjusted
20 - Victor-III: Korund added to weapon loadout.
21 - User Aviation: bug with ESM station has been fix. BEAR & MAY: reworked ESM station graphics.
22 - SS-N-9 Siren SSM: The IR sensor now works only in the final phase of the attack. Primary search is carried out by an active radar.
23 - User Ships & Aviation: Added voice message for event detect LAND Based object.
24 - User Subs: Demon Station, Unlocked ability hold trackers for Bow LF & Bow MF Sonars.(old subs, without towed array)
25 - User Akula-2, Akula-3 and Lada: Removed option change type presets for SS-N-27 SSM SuperSonic missile. 
26 - Fix default problem when land artillery retain the ability to shoot, after their 100% destruction.
27 - User TU-142: Deleted missile wing pylons. The both bombay launchers, were finally modeled as a revolver type.
28 - User Grisha Rogov Adams: SAM Launchers - fix set the correct position for the generation of rockets on the platform and the angles of fire.
29 - User Ships: guns fix. (fixed rate of fire, generation of shots from exact coordinates, cones of firing. Animation still with some bugs.)
30 - Bergamini FREMM 3-D model by -Ludwig- has been updated.
31 - Campaign LIU DOCTRINE assembled to RA add-on compability.(Separate Folder in scenario Directory, need is copy is it necesseary.)
33 - Veteran's version (executable EXE) - has been canceled as unactual.
34 - Driveable Ivan Rogov: Fixed a bug with portable launchers when the number of missiles goes to 0 when visiting the weaponloadout display before mission.
35 - Mast Detectors: has been fix.
36 - Driveable Sauro-III: added separate LLTV station, Sauro-IV SS: upgrade to laser finger ststion.
37 - Fixed default bug, where cavitation is impossible when the platform moves back order.

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