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How to create new model for SHII?


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well, hello brothers and sisters.... :s01:

I'm from lithuania and dont understand anything in Italish...sorry...

I see you are working here realy hard...and i want to create some ship models for Regiamarina, but how?

with what program you are creating them?

please help me.... :s08:


P.S. thanks anyway... :s02:

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sorry i didn't understood your joke...

and what a nice tank you have...a real tiger :s01:

so what about my question? what program i should use for creating SHII ship models?

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Welcome at our Forum, you have to ask at Cmt.Canarb or Scorpio... you will have one answer at your question...


but i think it is big, not economic and profesional program... or programs...


continue to stay with us... you are welcome


fly37 U 591

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Guest Andreas



canarb is experiencing some heavy problems with his computer ... we all hope he'll be back by start of next week.


In the meantime, have you already got textures for your model?


Thanks for your interest in Betasom and Silent Hunter II!



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problems with computer?well, good luck to him...I havent got any textures,neither model....i just don't have time by now...exams and all that stuff...can't wait summer :s01:)

you guys want to build all Regiamarina ships?starting from Battleships to minesweepers...

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Guest Gotrek

We hope so. We already have Cavour, Zara, some airplanes, and more others. But we are happy to have some help. There's not a maximum number of polygon. The most important thing is the file dimension. Maximum 2 Mb in 3ds format. Ok??

So i could advice to reduce non-linear surface.


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