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Does anyone have pictures of the craft the Italians used to fight Yugoslav partisan boats in the Adriatic?


Here is a response I had to a post a few years ago on Feldgrau forum:


"motors sailers armed, in 1943, by the Italian merchant navy along the Dalmazia coasts as Vigilanza Anti Partigiana Vessels (VAP with a number). They were simply motor fishery vessels, often of the classic "Bragozzo" type, typical on the Adriatic sea, about 50 t, which went on with their usual trade cruises but had on board a squad of sailors at the orders of a NCO and were armed with light machine guns. There was a certain protection (armour or wooden trunks) at the helmsman position and around the weapons. This vessel duty was to escort the coastal traffic protecting it by the not very active partisan boats attacks of from a brief, sudden fire from some remote corner of the litoral.

From this record I have to think that the VAP organization was used, after the Italian armistice, by the Germans. I know for certain that two sailing ships, The "Sant'Eufemia" and the "Zara" were used by RSI sailors and young fascist volunteers after the Armistice at the orders of Commander Tommaso David to fight the partisan boats which had made their appearance in the island around the city and that these Italian boats were able, since Sept. until late Oct. 1943, to capture or sink 10 enemy barges. The Germans, then, imposed their departure. "


These last two craft operated by the RSI are of particular interest, although a picture of any of these craft would be great.


Dave G

The PT Dockyard

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Here is what I think is a VAP





It is from HERE



Here are a few actions that involved Italian VAP boats in 1943


7.February-anti-partisan ship NAP 2 attacked, killed commander of Metkovic port

4.May- anti-partisan ship NAP 19 was attacked during patrol near Hvar island

13.May- anti-partisan ship NAP 9 was attacked during patrol near Hvar island

12.June VAP 36 attacked in Velebit channel

28.June-anti-partisan ship VAP 19 attacked from the coast

12.July-in Zarace bay(Hvar island) VAP 17 attacked,1 soldier killed


Does anyone have any further details on these actions or any others involving Italian naval forces and Partisans?


Dave G

The PT Dockyard

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I only have a ZARA in USMM's "Navi Mercantili Perdute", a cargo schooner of 45 grt, built in 1892, owner Romano Cucci of Cherso (Istria), homeported in Fiume, which foundered due to stress of weather off Porto San Giorgio on 12.4.1944.


P.S. Good old Lefa, sorry if I repeat myself.. :s02:

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