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Nuova Patch 1.04 Disponible


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Attenzione commandanti, da ieri e' disponibile l'ultima patch per il nostro amato dangerous waters.

Hanno sistemato una marea di bug, oltre che' migliorare diversi modelli tra cui il 688i (nuove textures da paura), la fregata (nuove textures da paura), l'elicottero (con un nuovo dipping sonar da paura) e un altra nave civile migliorata nelle textures (quella che era presente nel trailer di steam).

Attenzione che occorre disabilitare la lwami mod prima di procedere all'installazione della patch.

Ultima cosa, la lwami 3.0x NON E' compatibile con la nuova versione di dangerous wtaters (versione 1.04) quindi dovremmo aspettare che lui e amizaur la rendano compatibile.

Fino ad allora dovremmo giocare con la 1.04 e ne vale la pena ragazzi. :)

La potete scaricare QUI

Queste le Migliorie apportate:



Dangerous Waters Update Version 104 Build 378 (English)

[Released as Patch 104 to the Public]

[Also released as Dangerous Waters Deluxe - RETAIL]







Save game files which were created with prior versions, will no longer be compatible with this

version of Dangerous Waters.





- Added variable in "dangerouswaters.ini" which controls the likelihood of torpedos exploding

on countermeasures (e.g. ".PercentTorpsExplodeOnCM 0" up to ".PercentTorpsExplodeOnCM 100").

In multi-player matches, the host's .INI setting will be used by all players. By default

the value is set to ".PercentTorpsExplodeOnCM 50".


- Added variable in "dangerouswaters.ini" which controls the likelihood of all weapons acquiring

dead/sinking platforms (e.g. ".PercentDeadPlatformsIgnored 0" up to ".PercentDeadPlatformsIgnored 100").

In multi-player matches, the host's .INI setting will be used by all players. By default

the value is set to ".PercentDeadPlatformsIgnored 10".


- Corrected an issue in which the Kilo was capable of creating Sonar contacts at excessively long ranges.


- Fixed an issue in which AI aircraft were not dropping contacts when they had lost sensor contact.


- Modified buoyancy model so that ships do not rock excessively at Sea State 1.


- Fixed crash when launching the DSRV from submarine platforms.


- Updated MH-60 model and AQS-22 on Dipping Sonar (addressed the reversed normals issue

which was causing issues with the self-shadowing paradigm).


- Updated the Freighter model and textures with the one used in the Steam trailer.


- Updated FFG model and textures.


- Updated 688(I) model, textures, and masts.


- Strike missiles were modified so that their approach angles yielded a more effective result

against their respective land targets.


- Localized versions (French/German) can now utilize the Mission Editor doctrine language and are

able to Save and Load their work as intended.


- Fixed localization error for the USNI data in the French version.


- Some of the French scenarios were localized incorrectly and would not load correctly; this has

been corrected.


- Localized versions (French/German) should be able to multi-play with the English version without

any warnings or Database inconsistencies.


- Corrected AI aircraft order persistence, which makes them more decisive during attacks.


- Fixed issue in which passive self-noise was being considered by active sensors.


- Torpedo speed vs. fuel issue was corrected.


- Corrected an issue which prohibited "nested tactics at waypoints" from being invoked properly.


- Addressed torpedo anomaly which caused the torpedos to not behave as expected.


- Refined the buoyancy model to allow a more stable ascent and descent in the submarines

and to allow them to maintain their depth without unnecessary oscillation.


- The Akula Towed Array should no longer be accidentally severed by the propeller.


- Fixed speed/pitch issues on the FFG when player issues hard rudder orders.


- Corrected a pathfinding issue fixed which could sometimes cause the game to crash if

a waypoint was deemed to be incorrect or unreachable by the algorithm.


- Fixed a crash in the Towed Array station on the FFG.


- Corrected a localization error in the German campaign mission "004_Qingdao.mc".


- QuickRepair and QuickAircraftLaunch now controlled correctly in multiplayer.




Dangerous Waters Update Version 103 Build 367 (English)

[Released as Patch 103 to the Public]







Save game files which were created with prior versions, will no longer be compatible with this

version of Dangerous Waters.


Manual Errata has been updated in SCS-DW_CombinedManualErrata.pdf. This file contains all errata

that has been issued to date.





- Fixed the FFG throttle to properly correlate with a necessary propeller diameter change.


- The IR sensor that was previously assigned to the SLAM-ER was removed.


- Fixed a problem which was causing the sub motion model to dive more slowly than intended.


- Depths for the sonobuoys and dipping sonar have been adjusted to compensate for the more

realistic thermocline layer modelling.


- Fixed the FFG's AutoTMA which was not utilizing the various speed rulers effectively.


- Adjusted the AutoTMA's performance on "bearings only" solution so that it would obtain a

more reasonable solution over various time periods (i.e. few or multiple lines of bearing).


- Fixed an issue in the FFG Bridge that forcing the player to input an ordered speed twice to

obtain the desired speed.


- Corrected an anomaly in which a surface contact's signal would sometimes disappear and then

re-appear as its object center would be rising and falling with the ocean wave model.


- Fixed an issue which cause the client to never see the Host's platform in Multiplayer.


- Corrected an issue in which the AI-controlled diesel submarines were incorrectly operating on

diesel engines when it was not intended.


- Fixed a crash that was caused when the FFG wasn't accurately following the sync-ed Helo while

operating in REMRO mode.


- All torpedos were speeding up to 55kts despite the designated input by the player, this was fixed.


- Corrected an issue in the physics engine which causing the subs to dive/surface too slowly.


- Fixed a cheat on the Kilo where players' could mark a target even though it wasn't visible

on the BroadBand Sonar display.


- Fixed a problem where the Kilo Demon was not showing data when the initial tracker/contact was

assigned in Narrowband instead of Broadband (which the Demon data is derived from).


- Fix provided for the MH60 Dipping Sonar (Active mode) in which any ping emitted was not heard by

other players in multi-player.


- Fixed a problem with the Ming class submarine which had incorrect torpedo launcher orientation.


- Corrected a crash caused by loading certain password protected missions.


- Made a small enhancement which prepends the mission time to each report.


- Fixed a minor problem in which a "Steady On Course" crew report would be played immediately after

the player inserted an initial waypoint.





Dangerous Waters Update Version 102 Build 361 (English)

[RETAIL EDITION - Not Released as a Patch]







Save game files which were created with prior versions, will no longer be compatible with this

version of Dangerous Waters.







- "Screen flashing" has been fixed (when running in full-screen exclusive mode). Also, a

noticeable increase in frame rate should result from this change.


- Corrected the speed vs OS noise bug in the submarines ("Sound vs. Speed" fix).


- Air to Surface missiles can no longer attack submerged subs


- Fixed active sonar detection range problem


- The stadimeters on all 4 subs now remember which platform was selected last time when

a player re-enters the screen. Also, the list is now circular returning to the first entry.


- Kilo BB sound cheat bug was removed.


- MH-60 Dipping Sonar sound cheat bug was removed.


- Kilo speed bug (where speed increased to 18 knots when diving and ordering ahead 2/3)

was fixed.


- The speed lock buttons were changed to behave so that they will stay locked whether the

autocrew TMA is enabled or disabled AND the player can still enter speed, course, bearing

and range values even with the locks on. Autocrew was taught to honor the locks as he

generates a solution.


- The way that TMA on submarines handles "manual solutions" is improved AND manual solutions

can now be handled for the first time by the FFG TMA.


- There was a problem where the FFG's acoustic display would stop displaying data from either

helo's buoys when the player synchronized with the 2nd deployed helo. This bug was fixed.


- Corrected a problem with the FFG Towed Array which caused loaded "save games" to ignore changes

in the contact list.


- Fixed a problem where the FFG's AI helo had its loadout restored when a saved game was



- Fixed the buoy waypoint list so that a loaded "save game" now gives correct waypoint count.


- Fixed a problem where the scenario loader would crash when reading an encrypted scenario file that

had Dynamic Groups.


- Fixed a problem where the FFG would get a lower ordered speed (thus causing the FFG to slow down for

no reason) when a player first went to the Bridge Screen.


- Fixed a problem where the compass rose would disappear when the player left the bridge while on a bridge

wing and then returned to the bridge wing.


- Fixed an SSN21 Display bug where the value that was labeled SNR on the Demon Screen was actually signal

strength instead of the actual signal-to-noise ratio.


- Fixed a problem where the ambient noise continued to play after the MH-60's dipping sonar was damaged.


- Fixed a problem where FFG controlled by an MP player (who was not the host) was able to set waypoints

for its helo, but the helo would not delete the waypoints after each was reached.


- Fixed situation where AI subs would track a surface target and might not ever attack that target

if it was initially detected outside of firing range.


- Change was made to the Sonobuoy/GRAM screens (all platforms) to fix an issue in which buoys that were

labelled as "out of range" would sometimes transmit data when the MODE was cycled.




Dangerous Waters Update Version 101 Build 357 (English)

[Released as V101 Patch to the Public]






Save game files which were created with v1.00, will no longer be compatible with this

version of Dangerous Waters.


Attention Scenario Creators!: Even though Mission Editor will allow it, you cannot name a

goal and a script by the same name.


The "Sonar Profile" document that was mistakenly omitted from the final build (version v1.00)

has now been included (Thank you to John Steed for creating the document).





- The FFG Towed Array Assign ATF method now checks the validity of all trackers.


- Nav UID's were changed to have a root number based on multiplayer ID.

Waypoint-reached messages coming from the sim are now passed to all players on your platform in MultiStation games.


- Fixed NavalSimEngine crash when aircraft re-emerged from hangar.


- Fixed NavalSimEngine crash when objects were dynamically removed from scenario (Sicilian Wedding)


- Improved the font-blending algorithm to stop the mouse stuttering and increase overall

frame rate.


- It is now possible to leave the FFG Missile Control Screen while unloading an SM-2 or a Harpoon

and when you return, the rail will behave as expected.


- The DEMON speed in the FFG Towed Array Screen is now correct.


- The OTS buoy display is now independent of the loadout so that buoys will always launch.


- Corrected a string overrun in the Acoustic Display on the FFG and the P3.


- No longer allow charging HP Air while the emergency blow vents are open.


- Made the speed that a single diesel engine can achieve dependent on the depth of

the KILO.


- Corrected a problem in the KILO where the user could not force the submarine to

ignore waypoints.


- The TMA was improved to ensure that the newly created merged contacts always appear

in the top of the drop down list.


- All Radars were using meters per second instead of knots when creating a solution.

This was corrected.


- The diesel engines will now turn off if the snorkel mast is damaged.


- Sometimes Towed Array trackers do not get a valid sierra name and number, this was



- Campaign mission "Strait of Malacca" - 688's "MISSION COMPLETE" goal was referencing

an incorrect goal that was not related to its mission.


- Campaign mission "South Korea" - Helo closest to ownship FFG will now recognize and

follow ASTAC ordered waypoints.


- Removed any delays that were not allowing the STIR to go to CWI. This is an experimental

fix since this bug could not be reproduced.


- TMA autocrew slowed to only change the selected solution every 5 seconds.


- Single Mission "Liberian Liberation" - Seals will now rescue the hostages.


- Single Mission "African Bees Nest" - Lookout autocrew will now identify the pier so it

remains visible.


- The Collins was made to have an appropriate noise level.


- The MAD sensor range was shortened to allow very deep submarines to escape detection.


- In multiplayer, the client FFG could never control its own helo (while the server could).


- In the multiplayer mission, MP4-NGFS.mp, the second FFG's helo was defined before

the helo itself was defined, so the Second FFG could never control its inflight helo.

This has been corrected.


- A Saved Game bug was fixed where the game crashed after load. If there was an aircraft

on the deck of an aircraft carrier when the aircraft carrier was hit, the game would



- Fixed a Multiplayer infinite loop that occurred when the host tried to merge two

solutions that were the same solution together.


- Altered the Quick Mission databases which was generating some missions with zero enemies



- Additional verifications added to ensure that entities "still exist" before attempting to

reference them in the NavalSimEngine.


- Fixed the frequency alignment problem between the Frequency Waterfall and the NB profile

display. Also added the ability for the profile display to report the frequency under the



- Fixed a logic error in all subs where damage to starboard tubes was processed on the port

tubes and vice-versa.


- Fixed the infinite marking problem when playing in multi-station mode.


- Fixed the strange character problem which was showing up in the 688/seawolf BB screen


- Removed the problem in the BB DDI where the ambiguous contact was showing up as the

assigned Sierra.


- Fixed a problem with the trackers losing their identity after the contact was lost and



- Fixed a problem where the periscope on/off switch on the 688 got out of sequence when

the periscope was ordered raised by voice command.


- Fixed a problem where a non-ambiguous contact became orphaned when the TMA dropped the

ambiguous contact.


- Fixed the problem of mirrored sierra numbers showing up under the cursor when the

contact has not been resolved.

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Ho aggiunto il Redme con tutte le migliorie apportate, nel primo post di Goldrak :s10:





Spero che sia stato risolto quel bug fastidiosissimo, che quando sali di quota, andando verso la superificie, la poppa tende ad alzarsi con rischio di spezzare il Rimorchiato... :s14: :s12: :s45:




Edited by Djmitri
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Ohhhhhhhh finalmente :s15: :s15: :s15:






Corrected an issue in which the Kilo was capable of creating Sonar contacts at excessively long ranges.


non ho capito bene sto punto...secondo voi ke vuol dire? :s12:


tradotto significa corretto un errore che il kilo era capace di creare contatti sonar da grandi distanza




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non ho capito bene sto punto...secondo voi ke vuol dire?


tradotto significa corretto un errore che il kilo era capace di creare contatti sonar da grandi distanza



Significa che in determinate circostanze, il kilo era capace di rilevare contatti molto aldila' della portata effettiva del suo sonar.

Piu' che un baco era un modo per barare e quindi una situazione molto grave, perche' il contatto benche' non comparisse con un puntino luminoso sul sonar era comunque li'.

Quindi un giocatore non faceva altro che cliccare a manetta lo schermo finche' non trovava il contatto.

Sono contento che l'abbiano sistemato.

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Signori, ieri mi è capitata una cosa che non so se giudicare strana:


stavo inagurando il restyling del mio 688i contro un bel gruppo da battaglia russo. Ad un certo punto vengo fatto oggetto del lancio di uno Stallion da parte di un'Akula. Le ho provate un po' tutte ma alla fine ho dovuto, come dire...tirare le cuoia :s03: . Poco male, avevo già fatto abbastanza danni. :s08: :s08: Ho notato nel debriefing che l'akula il lancio l'aveva cannato e di parecchio, facendo scendere il siluro a circa 3 miglia dalla mia posizione. Ciò nonostante, una volta in acqua, quello dopo il primo giro mi ha agganciato lo stesso...è possibile? può dipendere dalla nuova patch?


Altra cosa: ero in formazione con altri due 688i, entrambi impostati in modalità "attack" . Le regole di ingaggio erano chiare e parlavano di guerra aperta :s03: Che uno solo di loro si fosse degnato di fare qualsiasi cosa, che so, lanciare un missiletto...macchè, c'era mezza flotta russa davanti a loro e quelli se ne stavano pacifici a 5 nodi senza far niente... Cosa posso aver sbagliato nei parametri dell'editor?

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