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Polishseamen Clan


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I'm a member of PolishSeamen, one of the biggest Silent Hunter II/III and Destroyer Command clan in Poland. With over 300 registered people, we play ranking games in over 50 multiplayer missions that we made. The results of those games we put in the rankings table. We also made for those missions some new wessels. As voice contact program we use Ventrilo to connect with other players.

I offer You to play with us in SHII/DC. We will be very happy to play with You. If You are interest abaut this challenge, please choose one man to contact with me, and I will give informations where to download our voice manager, so he can speek with me about details.


You can also register on our forum. There is a International Contacts section where You can introduce yourself or discuss:





I'm waiting for your answer, best regards.



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Hello again!


It's great that Betasom is online. I'm hoping You will not be attacked again. If You would like to play together with PolishSeamen, we are still waiting. I can give Ventrilo settings any time.


Best Regards



Duval thanks for Your asnwer. By the way, what means "C.te"

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