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  1. *********************** START ENCRIPTION MESSAGE ******************************** *********************** TITLE MISSION: VIKING'S BATTLE **************************** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FROM ----> HQ BETASOM MASTER EDITOR TO ----> DW BETASOM XI FLEET STRATEGIC GRID GIUK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RES: HIGH / MOD: RA - DWX 1.36 + BETAMOD 4.1.1 / REQ.MIN: BASE BETASOM VIRTUAL NAVY ACADEMY (for betasom players) RATIO DIF: HIGH **** /TMA: AUTO - OPTIONAL MANUAL / LIMIT TIME: +2,30 HR from zulu CONTACT: MSN / TIME: 21.00 CET / DAY: 7 Giugno 1980 CURRENT SITUATION: Hostilities between the two blocks of the Eastern and Western superpowers began. The current priority for both sides is the control of the strategic GIUK sector, near the Norwegian Sea. NATO command intends to take control of the industry GIUK thanks to air superiority and with the help of the fleet of surface ships. USSR command needs to establish a perimeter patrol submarine large enough to ensure the passage of the Red Fleet for the invasion of Iceland. TACTICAL UPDATE : In the Norwegian Sea are located two SAG ASW groups formed by ships from Italy, France, UK and US escorted by submarines. NATO SAG GROUP #1 NATO SAG is lead by CGH 550 "Vittorio Veneto" (1 × Mk 10 twin-arm launcher with 40 Standard SM-1ER and 20 RUR-5 "ASROC" missiles - 8 × Oto Melara 76/62mm MMI 3 × Oto Melara Twin 40L70 DARDO 4 × OTOMAT SSMs - 2 x 324 mm triple torpedo tubes - 9 Augusta AB204 or Augusta AB 212 helicopters or 6 AB-61 helicopters ) Group is also formed by DDG 551 "Audace" escorted by FFG 50 "O.H. Perry" and a submarine type SSK "SAURO I". NATO SAG GROUP #2 NATO SAG is lead by CH R97 "Jeanne D'Arc" (6 Exocet-38 sea-sea missiles - 4 100 mm gun turrets - 4 12.7mm machine guns - 8 Super Frelon Helicopters ) Group include DDG 610 type "Tourville" escorted by FFG 89 type "Type 22" and a submarine type SSN "Sturgeon". Are also present in the area an SSN type "Los Angeles" and a MP P3-C Orion is ready to take off from Reykjavik base. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** URSS forces are grouped in a SAG ASW lead by CGH type "Moskva" ( 2× twin SA-N-3 'Goblet' SAM launchers - 2 × twin 57 mm guns - 1 × SUW-N-1 launcher for FRAS-1 anti submarine missiles 2 × RBU-6000 ASW rockets - 10× 553 mm torpedo tubes - 18× Kamov Ka-25 'Hormone' or Mi-8 helicopters ) Group include also a DDG 605 type "Udaloy" escorted by FFG 707 type "Krivak II". ASW cover is made by four SSN. DEFCON level is rised to WHITE ("attack in progress"): WAR. The order from Strategic Command is to attack enemy forces and defend the groups and the area. Commanding officers has to concentrate on the objectives defined by given orders ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Sea State: 3 - Bottom type: Rock - Weather: Rain- SSP Type: Convergence Zone ************************************************************* HQ NATO FORCE : ************************************************************* OBJECTIVE: PRIMARIO: sunk almost 3 URSS submarines. SECONDARIO: sunk the CGH "Moskva". ROE: authorized attack every URSS military units in the area. Avoid involvement of neutral and civilian units. ORDER OF BATTLE: SSN 651 QueenFish SSN 710 Augusta SSK 519 Fecia di Cossato FFG 50 Taylor + #2 ELI SeaHawk (Optionl pilotabili) MP P3C-Orion ************************************************************* HQ CCCP FORCE: ************************************************************* OBJECTIVE: PRIMARIO: sunk CGH "Vittorio Veneto" and CH "Jeanne D'Arc". SECONDARIO: sunk almost 2 NATO submarines. ROE: authorized attack every NATO military units in the area. Avoid involvement of neutral and civilian units. ORDER OF BATTLE: SSN K-387 Victor II SSN K-316 Alfa SSN K-448 Tambov SSN K-414 Monskovinskye DDG 605 Levchenko + #2 ELI Ka-27 (Optionl pilotabili) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> END MESSAGE
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