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Il Relitto Del Sch 213 Identificato Nel Mar Nero

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Il sommergibile sovietico Sch 213 (chiedo scusa per l'errore nel titolo) tristemente noto per aver affondato al largo del Bosforo la vecchia nave STRUMA, con a bordo oltre 750 ebrei che nessuno voleva (un solo superstite). Il relitto del sommergibile stato identificato al largo di Costanza.

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RO: Submarine wreck;
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Romanian and Dutch members of a Black Sea Wreck Divers Club from Constanta (Southeastern Romania) have found the wreckage of a Russian submarine that disappeared during the Second World War. 68 years ago, the Russian submarine struck a mine and sank at 10 km from the port of Constanta. Its discovery is especially important as the Russian ship is the SC-213 submarine. According to the Soviet Military Archives, in February 1942, the Soviet SC-213 submarine torpedoed the Struma ship carrying over 700 Jewish refugees from Axis-allied Romania to British-controlled Palestine, killing 768 men, women and children, with only one survivor, a 19 year old man. The tragedy was considered to be the largest exclusively civilian disaster of Word War II.

For decades, both Struma and Russian submarine shipwrecks were sought after by several international diver teams yet with no results so far.
Initially the Romanian - Dutch team of divers that found the SC-213 submarine had seen an odd shape sonar silhouette which resembled a submarine. The wreckage was lying at a depth of over 30 meters, near the port of Constanta.

The team found the ship in 2008, but the submarine identification was too complicated at that time. Only one month ago were they convinced that their discovery was indeed the submarine that sank the Struma ship during the WW II. All in all, the identification took almost two years

Following common practice, two weeks ago, the divers that found the wreckage have notified the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Russian Embassy in Bucharest. So far the two institutions have not given any answer to that notification..



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SOT: Harry Bakker, member of a Black Sea Wreck Divers Club from Constanta
". In time, we tried to discover what model of vessel it was and then we had two candidates over. The problem was that the wreck was completely covered in seashells, silt and fishnets. We have made several dives just to clean the wreck and finally, after we cleaned it, we started to discover some parts that brought us close to the submarine identification. "

SOT: Romanian diver Victor Stanescu:
The ship's keel (carena) seems to be almost intact. It is still possible to find some tight compartments, in which the water didn't enter. We can even find the submarine's logbook, why not?

SOT: Adrian Cioroianu, Romanian historian and former foreign minister : The Struma ship tragedy was one of the greatest tragedies that happened in the Black Sea in the twentieth century"


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