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Von Faust

Rilasciata patch 0.15

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Patch notes:
Optimized flag shader.
Removed “invisible” lobby option.
Added distance filter for lobby searches. Be aware that latency increases with geographic distance.
Added support for all aspect ratios.
Added keybindings to center dive planes.
Updated displacement on passenger liner type 8.
Darkened map view when using night light.
Fixed odometer bug.
Optimized ship colliders.
Added hotkey to reset odometer while in navigation view.
Fixed flashlights shining through walls.
Added input blocking when using TDC and chatting.
Fixed fog rendering bug.
Disabled use state when binoculars are active.
Fixed flooding animation bug.
Fixed sounds not updating while using periscope bug.
Added the ability to kick players when hosting.
Added passwords for lobbies.
Added friendly fire option to lobby settings.
Added the ability to kick players if you are the U-boat owner.
Added passwords for individual U-boats.
Added time settings to lobby.
Added weather settings to lobby.
Fixed ladder bug.
Ballast tanks now contain 50 m3 of water instead of 75.
Pressurized air now follow Boyle’s law.
Fixed race condition when two people try to use the same station at the same time.
Radio can now send numbers as well as letters.
Fixed unlit characters bug.

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