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Bari 1945

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Notare il mini sub a sinistra.






by kgvm


But the small Red Cross vessel in the foreground looks very much like the "Ebe" of 1917, which was in German service until 1945. The bigger one is the "Freiburg" (ex "Stamira"), which became a German hospital ship in May 1944, but was seized in October 1944.
So it's possible the picture shows some German MFPs handed over after the armistice in Italy. The might as well be Italian MZ, but the heavy armement makes it much more probable they are former Germans.

by kgvm on 16 Apr 2013 19:21
"Freiburg" was retroceded to Germany in March 1945. She left Triest for Bari when the German front in Italy collapsed:

by PT Dockyard on 25 Apr 2013 22:21
I have confirmation that this is Bari, probably around July 1945. These are probably the MFPs that were ceded to Italy after the war.

The small boat in the foreground with the Red Cross is the former Venice flotilla Hafenschutzboote IV57, which was a former old Elco type motor launch from the Italian Navy named"Ebe".

I am really interested as to where this picture came from and if there are any more in this series, especially showing the armed ship in the row closest to the camera second from the right, with what look like are lots of shielded 20mm guns. Also, the small armed boat to the starboard side of the IV57 is particularly interesting.



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Il sommergibile a sinistra mi ricorda il CM 1, che mi pare nell'aprile-maggio 1945 avesse lasciato la sua base di Pola per sottrarsi alla cattura da parte dei titini (che ne trucidarono il comandante rimasto a terra) e si fosse consegnato agli Alleati, forse nel Sud Italia.

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