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Comsubin Sommergibili

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Chiedo scusa per il mio google-translate italiano. Io sono inglese.

Questo forum è ha persone che sanno molto di sommergibili.

Sto scrivendo un libro sulla storia Incursori e sommergibili. Non è finzione. Sto intervistando Incursori e sommergibilisti provenienti da molti paesi tra cui SEALs, SBS, Commandos ex-Jugoslavia, Francia, ...

Non riesco a parlare italiano. Ho bisogno di aiuto da parte di qualcuno che parla inglese italiano e buono. Non posso pagarti, quindi è necessario essere molto interessati al tema per godere di aiutare. E tu devi essere competente e adulto. Voglio parlare di sommergibilisti e incursori italiani.

Di seguito è riportato una foto per mostrare che non sto sprecando il vostro tempo. Se siete interessati ad aiutare la preghiamo di rispondere o PM me.




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My book will cover most nations with strong frogmen/special submarine traditions. Italy is of course high on the list. I had good contacts before I started writing it and have since made many more contacts. I have interviewed former frogmen from several countries and can write about certain other countries. The passing of time combined with the communication via Internet makes such a broad book possible. Even GOI who have been so good at keeping secrets are beginning to share the cold war years. Italy is of course one of the most important countries in this history. I am interviewing or in contact with people in USA, UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Croatia. So I have many stories and masses of information. My book will be both deep in one way, and broad. But easy to read and not dry. There is so much on the internet and in books which is misleading; talking to former frogmen, submariners etc can debunk the myths. I hope!!


I could write a lot about italian frogmen (to use the english term) but i dont have the same level of insight that i do on other countries. So I want to interview former Comsubin divers, I want to visit the Comsubin museum, and interview certain sub designers. As I am doing in other countries, so that the book does justice to the important role that Italy has played.



But language is proving a barrier. So, reluctantly I am hoping that someone who is interested and has time will help me connect with the Comsubin association etc, and help find Italian language sources which may help.

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did you contact ANAIM? is the italian association of "frogman". they probably can help you.

In betasom forum we have more submariners (I am one of this) and few "frogman" and (normally) they are not avaible to share their secrets.

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Hi there, pleased to meet you.

First of all feel free to write in English, here the average user is able to read and write your language, sadly Google translates in Italian as I would translate from Nepali (useless to say that I don’t speak Nepali..).

As sample, your thread titles ‘Comsubin submarines’ while if I get it straight your interest focus on SDVs, correct me if I’m wrong.

Its pretty strange to find somebody interested in this specific segment, in particular being you a foreigner; as you may understand, in Italy there is a quite tight discretion when talking about underwater special operations crafts and operators, we do keep very secret both our vehicles and operative doctrines way more if compared to other countries, such as for example the Anglo Saxons ones.

Here there is a strong awareness of what we can produce and the way we operate it, that translates in an almost obsessive secrecy; after all, we’ve invented the profession during WW1 and since then we tow the sector’s development, it’s a matter of pride.

For that reason, the only information that you will gather on this topic are the ones written inside the few books that talks about ComSubIn, in which you may find both pictures of the historical hall inside the Varignano facility (the only hall in Italy that displays underwater crafts post WW2) and information about the Unit. Its unlikely, and I talk from personal experience, that you will find somebody in Italy willing to talk with you about underwater vehicles.

I’ve committed myself in the last three years to the subject, I’m doing the same as you but focused on Italian design projects.. its very hard for an italian, I may imagine for an outsider.

Although these vehicles were operative during the 50s and the 60s, more then 50 years ago, are just a few years that images coming from the historical hall are approved for publishing; the hall its not open for public access and achieve a permission to visit it its very difficult for everybody.. even for people working in the Navy. They open to a selected public once per year during the ceremony that welcome the few operators that finishes the course.

Good luck!

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Thank you both. Yes, I intend to contact ANAIM but as I say language is a challenge. I will more or less only get one chance and as has been pointed out my Google translated Italian doesn't come across very well.


Lefa, good to hear that I am not alone. Yes I am interested in the SDVs, but also the dry subs (Maritalia for example) and semi-subs, explosive boats (historical) and fast boats. In fact everything water-related. I will cover the WW1 and WW2 history for context but the fresh content of the book will be cold war era.


Re keeping secrets. Yes the American's are least secret, or rather, they keep the fewest secrets. For sure there is stuff they will not share and/or I will not ask. The British SBS (as distinct from the SAS) are much more secretive, although less so than COMSUBIN. However, the degree of access they've given me is, I think, unprecedented. I feel very privileged. The SBS generally apply a 30-year rule and even then there is older stuff that they will not share, or if i figure out I cannot or will not write about.


I would expect something similar with COMSUBIN. By them agreeing to help, I'd limit my scope to the time period and content that they are willing to share and would check the draft past them before publishing.

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Then we have the very same interests, midget submarines, SDVs and naval assault vehicles are also my cup of tea, indeed; I’m splitting the work between the two categories, the fist book will cover SDVs both dry and wet while the second one will deal with midgets.


About ANAIM: Totiano is right, they represent the best chance you have to gather relevant information, but as I said before, don’t expect them to talk about underwater vehicles and operations, they will be reluctant also to speak about the ones on display in the historical hall, that’s just the way it is in Italy.

Its very nice that you achieved unprecedented material about the Special Boat Service, I’m looking forward for your book to come!

The very best thing that you can get from ANAIM it’s a copy of their book, that its not out for public sale but that I’m sure they will ship you; talking about books, if you’d like to build a solid background on ComSubIn the titles are:


- Gruppo Incursori fra Passato e Presente, ANAIM, 2006 (private print, to be ordered directly from ANAIM)

- Il Varignano e la sua Sala Storica, COMSUBIN (private print, old and almost impossibile to find)

- Una Leggenda fra le Onde, Luca Poggiali, Editore Lupo, 2004 (easy to find, there is also a cheap paperback version)

- Attacco dal Mare, Giorgio Giorgerini, Mondadori, 2007 (this one could be difficult to be digested)

- I mezzi d’Assalto della Decima Flottiglia MAS, Marco Spertini – Erminio Bagnasco, Albertelli, 1991 (the ‘bible’ of italian assault vehicles during WW2)

- I mezzi d’assalto, Carlo De Risio, USMM, 1992 (printed by the historical office of the Italian Navy, recalls WW2 actions)


Sadly these titles are written in Italian, the firsts three includes pictures of the historical hall (don’t waste time looking for the second title) while the lasts three offers a very good historical background; If you have to choose between the six, get the first and the fifth. To me you should begin from there, achieving such sources would let you build your background in order to face prepared an hypothetical interview that you may develop in the future.

Edited by Lefa

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@Lefa, volendo c'è anche l'inserto del 1991 alla Rivista Marittima di Alfredo Brauzzi.. "I mezzi d'assalto della Marina Militare". E' in italiano... visto che il testo è "copiabile", magari con un buon traduttore può convertirlo.


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Quello è un inserto che lo scorso anno ho digitalizzato io... credo mi sia venuto anche abbastanza bene.

Per dir la verità, nel periodo natalizzio l'ho regalato agli amici di Betasom.

Se lo vuoi inviami la tua email in MP e vedo di inviartelo lunedì prossimo. :smile:



Dimenticavo: Il libro che parla dei mezzi di assalto (di De Risio), attualmente esaurito nella biblioteca dell'Ufficio Storico della M.M.. Prossimamente tornerà ad essere disponibile.

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