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Mediterranean Campaign Generator

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hi guys...just a message to say thanks for the Calvi model and sound pack etc am really enjoying the italian experience..amny thanks

and to mention that i have written a Med campaign generator which can use the Calvi (or any other custom subs yu have planned)


it's written in such a way that it will allow yu to save yur game and reload again without loosing the DD agression..so it's perhaps unique?


anyway im wondering if there's any interest here if so if yu wanted to translate the radio messages into italian for me ,i'd be happy to make a version in Italian


heres the link;;;



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I appreciate a lot your generator... great

but i am not able to put the Calvi inside... what string i have to write in the UNITDE for have the possibility to have the Calvi Working?

Give me please all the information for doing that.

I tryed without the Calvi and all worked perfect...you did a great job... thank


fly37 U 591

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check out the Italian version ...(excuse any poor translations...blame the German radio relay stations!) :s04: (the parts that are right are thanks to yu guys, the parts that are wrong are all down to me and babel fish!)

i've sent of for an Italian language dictionary/phrase book so might be able to improve on it a little..

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