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Mod X Far Credere Di Essere Stati Colpiti?

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Ragazzi non pensate che sarebbe bello avere un mod x simulare di essere stati colpiti facendo credere di perdere nafta?L'ho visto fare nel film Duello Sull'Atlantico(scoperto grazie a Francesco Bubbe),dove il sommergibile rilasciava nafta per illudere il cacciatorpediniere americano.A proposito,come si rilasciano i finti bersagli?

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Per i finti bersagli ci pensa il direttore di macchina, ho visto che la fuoriuscita di nafta c'è gia nel gwx 2.1



Potremmo sfuttare le configurazioni dei falsi bersagli...

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Ma nel GWX 2.1 c'è proprio un pulsante apposito?Francesco ma per installare il 2.1 devo comunque iniziare una nuova carriera?Quali sono secondo te le principali migliorie apportate degne di nota?I requisiti di sistema aumentano ulteriormente?

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No, questo mod non esiste, la fuoriuscita di nafta avviene inseguito ad un affondamento, forse si può modificare facendola fuoriuscire quando vogliamo noi...

Per installare GWX2.1 la procedura consigliata è di disinstallare tutto e ricominciare da zero. le migliorie sono queste:

GWX April 2008 Update (Version 2.1)


New GWX Options

• Added option to use aircraft skins specific to the Mediterranean theater

• Added option to open the hatch between the Control Room and the Engine

• Added more messages to the Fix Français pour GWX.

Individual Ships and Aircraft

• Added Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 Drache (―Dragon‖) helicopter

• Added a lighted Fishing Ketch

• Added animated sails for all sailing vessels

Environment Improvements

• Incorporated Real Weather Fix Mod by ―Stiebler‖ and ―Sub Type Zero‖

• Added the Laboe Naval Memorial (Laboe Marine-Ehrenmal) by ―Rowi58‖

Graphics Improvements

• Improved moon images (from actual photos of the moon in different phases)

• Corrections to small merchants

• Updated torpedo graphics

• More improvements to smoke

• The sky and sea in the Mediterranean are now the same color as they are in the Atlantic Ocean.

• Reduced the frequency of oil fires in the Enhanced Damage mod

• Improved S.M. 79 ―Sparviero‖ skin

• Updated U-boat upgrades chart

• Minimal lectric torpedo wakes and bigger steam torpedo wakes, by ―Albrecht von Hesse‖

Sound Improvements

• The sound of torpedo doors opening is now that of the opening of real torpedo doors


Bug fixes

• Fixed PCTrawler self-destruction by depth charge and a resulting CTD error

• Improved the damage model for depth charge racks

• Reduced the rate of descent for Mk 6 ―ashcan‖ depth charges to historical values

• Corrected the location of the anchor on the Type IID U-boat

• Fixed the maximum elevation of the German 37mm flak

• Fixed errors in ―Caribbean Convoy‖ and ―Bismarck Breakout‖ multiplayer missions

• Updated German-language single player missions

• Removed the black triangle artifacts that appeared near the horizon

• Fixed numerous .sil files

• Increased rate of fire for 3.7cm SK /C30 (the really slow 37mm flak gun)

• Fixed draft of A&B-class destroyers

• Updated the alternative flotillas menus to match new menus in GWX V2.0

• Fixed some reflection issues with Type VIIC U-boat conning towers

• Added fixes for the British Auxiliary Cruiser and the ASW Trawler

• Removed bearing indicator from binocular view

• Fixes to Norfolk and Devonshire-class heavy cruisers, Vosper, and RAF high speed launch

• Updated AI sub damage models, configuration, and other fixes

• Updated museum air texts

• Fixed bomb loadout of heavy bombers

• Corrected masthead heights and museum text for all units that needed it

• Various small and sundry fixes and corrections


Campaign fixes

• The campaign now begins in August 1939 so that players will have enough time to reach their patrol areas before war begins.

• Adjusted air cover in the Bay of Biscay

• Completely removed all renown awards for reaching an assigned area and patrolling it for 24 hours

• New ports and traffic added at

• Blyth, Harwich, and Rosyth in the UK

• Kemi, Finland; with more local traffic between Kemi/Oulu and Helsinki

• Oranienbaum and Kronstadt, Soviet Union

• The ―Lerwick Submarine Base‖ is now just ―Lerwick‖

• More barricade ships added to some ports as the war continues

• The Hipper is now in its historical locations in 1942-45: Kiel, Pillau, and Gotenhafen

• Added the German evacuation of Pomerania in April 1945 (the Wilhelm Gustloff, Steuben, Goya, and Admiral Hipper depart Gotenhafen for Kiel)

• Added movement of the Finnish 11th Infantry Regiment

• Eliminated any BdU radio reports of

• US and Canadian local shipping

• German naval and shipping movement in the Baltic

• Any single or two-ship groups starting in late 1943

• All inshore convoys now have merchant ships as the lead unit so they are not reported as task forces

• Added new units to the campaigns

• Radio traffic

• Deleted reports of German U-boats being sunk

• Added notification when German destroyers are laying mines off the coast of Britain

• Adjusted report times for Operation Weserübung, and for historical British task forces

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Certo,speriamo sia possibike.Ma tu in pratica di quali miglioramenti ti 6 accorto giocando?

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A prima vista nulla, molto belli sono i mod Open Hatch e Walter Stream (attivabili col Jsmge)

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ciao, cosa sono i .sil files?? che fanno?


quel mod sarebbe interessante, e dovrebbe modificare la voglia dei DD di farti fuori.. in termini più tecnici riferiti al funzionamento di SH3, dovrebbe abbassare per qualche minuto le priorità di attacco dei DD...

tipo lanciare un bold che non sia preso come un bersaglio.. non so se si puo' fare.

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ciao, cosa sono i .sil files?? che fanno?

Non li conosco...

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Guest seicolpi

i files .sil sono i files grafici che hanno al loro interno la mimetizzazione delle navi

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con che programma sono editabili?

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Guest seicolpi

Puoi usare tranquillamente photoshop, paint shop pro o paint shop pro photo x2

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