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Guest Leon X

Report #323 Gwx -at-100% Game 21c: 4 Subs

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Guest Leon X

STAT-GWX-October_21C_4subs, HOST & BR: Typhoon: #360

REALISM'S LEVEL 100%, 20/10/2007 -START 09:30 - END: 11:30


PLAYERS: TYPHOON (#360), Otto Kretschmer (#560)




TYPHOON: #360: SURV, SURV 3 SHIP, 21326 TN

FIR: 10055 TN

PEAR: 10126 TN





Otto Kretschmer: #560, SURV, SUNK 3 SHIP, 47285 TN

OAK: 16165 TN

APPLE: 15546 TN

TULIP: 15574 TN





Night very black and full of pitfalls, having launched on the convoy and a dd with the stern tube, a cargo me that destroyed periscopes. I saved the ship miraculously.

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