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Guest Leon X

Silent Hunter 4 Patch Ufficiali

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Guest Leon X

Silent Hunter 4 Patch

Ultima patch diponibile qui






Patch versione 1.1:

scaricala qui (116 MB).



New in game voices. 
New stern and bow wave effects. 
Added End Game movies - available only for campaign end of war. 
Option to change the interface using Miles instead of KM. 
Night filters for interface. 
Added torpedo planes in the game. 
Added, medals, calendar, New papers, Hall Of fame and End campaign screens in Career Mode. 
Added a "death camera" 
Added the S-42 class to the game, 

Patrol date is adapted to flotilla transfer date. 
Tuning in efficicency mechanics. 
Sensors tuning. 
Tuning in submarine structure. 
Added new orders in HUD. 
Improvements to subsystem, crew and torpedo management screens. 
Improved interface for rescue survivors interface. 
Added tooltips on interface. 
Added new Historical battles during campaign. 
Added more Harbor traffic. 
Added more "life" in frendly harbors. 
Added more special units to enemy harbors and locations. 
Added more abjectives in campaign. 
Improved AI for merchant. 
Corrected plane rosters for Japanese airbases and aircraft carriers. 
Made the Radar Station inaccessible when the Surface Search Radar is not present onboard. 

Menus tuning 
Removed the AI bugs from the game. 
End of War bug fixed. 
Removed bugs regarding save/load/replay. 
Removed Multiplayer connections bugs. 
Fixed randomly crashes during the game play, save and load.



N.B.: La patch funziona con tutte le versioni di Silent Hunter IV.

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Guest OttoK

Patch versione 1.4:

scaricala qui (220 MB)



  · Rendering distance increased to 20km, with appropriate improvement for visual sensors capabilities
  · Dynamic loading of game units has been implemented, considerably improving loading times
  · Improvements to Water rendering
  · Improvements for enemy ships detection of steam torpedoes
  · Damage taken by hulls submarine is shown in the damage interface
  · Entries in Captain's Log are now limited for better performance
  · Screenshot names now contain the date they were taken on
  · End patrol ports are now displayed on the map
  · Objectives on the navigation now change color when completed


  · Destroyer/Submarine collisions always leading to the destroyer being sunk
  · Fix the periscope animation problem
  · Save & Load issues with the submarine crew
  · Magnetic/Contact Detonator switch now working properly
  · Improper display of the TBT interface for widescreen resolutions
  · Loss of torpedo aiming track when crossing the International Date Line
  · Deck gun Metric/Imperial system issues
  · Repeating objectives bug
  · Correct date when loading a save from career

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