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Nomi In Codice Operazioni Navali Inglesi

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Penso che l'elenco che segue, anche se sicuramente incompleto, possa risultare di interesse: è difatti una raccolta abbastanza completa dei nomi in codice assegnati dalla Royal Navy - soprattutto durante la seconda guerra mondiale - alle varie operazioni navali (parecchie delle quali hanno coinvolto la Regia marina) che hanno visto impiegate unità navali britanniche.

L'elenco è tratto dal sito www.warships.net, ormai non più operante da molto tempo ma dal quale, fortunatamente, in passato ho scaricato e conservato parecchio materiale.





ABERCROMBIE, BRISTLE & BITING, Coastal Forces Operations, English Channel 1943

ACUMEN, Anti U Boat Operation, Norway, Dec 1944

AGREEMENT, Landing at Tobruk, North Africa, 12-13 Dec 1942

ANKLET, Force J Raid on Norway, 20-23 Dec 1941

ANTAGONISE, Operations on Lossin Island, Yugoslavia, 17 Dec 1944

ANTIDOTE, Minesweeping Galita to Sousse, Tnisia,May 1943

ARCHERY, Raid on Vaagso Islands, 27 Dec 1941

AVALANCHE, Salerno Landings, Sep 1943


BABOON, Operation on the Arakan Coast March 1945

BANDOOLA & BLAST, Motor Launch Oporations - Eastern Fleet late 1943

BAYTOWN & FERDY, Landings in Italy September 1943

BEGONIA, Home Fleet Minelaying Operation - Aramsund September 1944

BELLPUSH CHARLlE, Reconnaisance of Enemy Coast - Channel 31st Jan 1944

BIGOT, Beach Reconnaisance 18-19th January 1944

BISHOP, Assault on Rangoon May 1945

BRASSARD, Landings on Elba 1944

BRASSO, Reception of a Malta Convoy Jun 1942

BRIDFORD, Convoys to Sweden 1944-45


CANNED, Destruction of Enemy Tsnkor - Eastern Waters Feb 1944

CANVAS, Capture of Kismayu. Italian Somaliland Feb 1941

CERES, Discharge of Ships at Malta August 1942

CHARIOT, Raid on St Nazaire 28th March 1942

CHECKMATE, Operations off Norway 1943

CHILDHOOD, Raid on Tripoli Harbour to Prevent blocking 27th January 1943

CHRONOMETER, Capture of Assab, Ethiopia 11 Jun 1941

CLEAVER, Minesweeping in the Skaggerak 8th May 1945

COCKPIT, Air Strike on Sabang 19 Apr 1945

COLLAR, 27 Nov 1940

COLLIE, Minesweeping off Car Nicobar 7 Jul 1945

CONFIDENCE, Operation off Malayan Coast 10 Jun-22 Aug 1945

CORCKSCREW, Assault on Pantellaria, June 1943

COUNTENANCE, Abadan Oil Refinery, Kaft-i-Khel Oil Fields and Bandar Shapur 1941

COUNTERBLAST, Attack on Enemy Convoy - South Norway 12-13 Nov 1944

CRIMSON, Air Strike and Bombardment of Sabang 25 Jul 1945

CROQUET, Operations in Norway 6 May 1944

CURLEW Amphibious Operation - Channel 12 Jan 1942


DAVID Operations in Burma Oct 1944

DEMON Withdrawal from Greece April 1941

DN Destruction of Enemy convoy North Sea 12-13 Oct 1940

DRACULA Assault on Rangoon May 1945

DRAGOON Invasion of the South of France August 1944

DUKEDOM Destruction of a Japanese Cruiser 15-18 May 1945

DYNAMO Evacuation from Dunkirk 26 May-9 Jun 1940


EB North Russian Convoy 1941

EF Air Strikes on Kirkenes and Petsamo 30 Jul 1941

EMOLUM£NT Operations in the Eastern Mediterranean Aug 1943

EV North Russian Convoy - PQ 18 & QP 14 Sep 1942

EXCESS, Convoy gibraltar Eastwards, January 1941


FIREBALL. Minesweeping in Belgian waters 1945

FLOUNCED Operation off Yugoslavian coast 4 Jun 1944

FRANKTON Royal Marines raid on River Gironde 7 Dec 1942

FRIPPERY Night Canoe sortie on Enemy Beach - SE Asia 1944

FW North Russian Convoy Jan 1944

FY North Russian Convoy Mar-Apr 1944

FZ North Russian Convoy Apr-May 1944


GLOUCESTER Operation in the Pacific War 1944

GOODWOOD Air strike on TIRPITZ in Altenfjord 24 & 29 Aug 1944

GRAPPLE H-Bomb tests on Christmas island 1958 & 1959

GROG Bombardment of Genoa 6 Feb 1941

GROUNDSHEET & SHRED Air Minelaying against heavy opposition 1945

GUIDANCE Midget Submarine attack Laksevaag Bergen 19 Apr 1944

GUN Operation off West coats of Italy 27 Mar 1944


HALBERD Gibraltar-Malta Convoy 24-28 Sep 1941

HALFBACK Operation off Norway 28 Jan 1945

HARPOON Gibraltar-Malta Convoy 11-15 Jun 1942

HECKLE Midget Submarine Attack on Dock, Laksevaag, Bergen 11 Sep 1944

HOOPS Operations off Norway 7 & 8 May 1944

HOSTILE Minelaying etc., NW Coast of France 29 Apr 1944

HOTBED North Russian Convoy Feb 1945

HURRY, Hurricanes ferried to Malta, August 1940

HUSKY Invasion of Sicily Jul 1943


ICEBERG Air Strikes on Sakishima Islands 23 Mar-25 May 1945

----------- Capture of Okinawa 26 Mar-25 Apr 1945

IMPACT Military Operations in Italy 11-12 Apr 1945

INFATUATE Assault on Walcheren 1 Nov 1944

IRONCLAD Assault & Capture of Diego Suarez 5-7 May 1942

IRREGULAR Offensive Sweep in Far East 5-14 Jun 1945


JAYWICK Penetration into Japanese Controlled Waters Sep 1943

JUBILEE Raid on Dieppe 19 Aug 1942

JUDGEMENT Air Strike on U Boat Base at Kilbotn 4 May 1945


KJF Beach Reconnaisance Channel Coast Dec 1943


LANCELOT II Operations by the Eastern Fleet Feb 1944

LANDMARK Diversion convoy from Malta, nov 1941

LENTIL Air Strike Pangkalan Brandan Sumatra Dec 1944-Jan 1945

LIVERY Minesweeping Operations - Coast of Malaya Jul 1945

LOMBARD Operations off Norway 1944


MASCOT Attack on Enemy Destroyers - Lang Fjord 18 Jul 1944

MEDIVM Bombardment of Cherbourg 10 Oct 1940

MENACE Attack on Dakar 23-25 Sep 1940

MERCERISED Operation off Corfu and Saranda Sep 1944

MERIDIAN Air Strikes on Palembang 24 & 29 Jan 1945

MG1 Italian Attack on Malta Convoy 22 Mar 1942

MG2 Interception of Italian Convoy to N Africa 11 May 19492

MIKE 1 Operations in Lingayen Gulf Philippines 3-9 Jan 1945

MILLET Air Strikes Nancowry Islands and bombardment of Nicobar Oct-Nov 1944

MOSAIC Nuclear Tests on Montebello Islands 1956


NEPTUNE Invasion of Normandy 8 Jun 1944


OFFSPRING Home Floet Operation Aug 1944

OVERLORD Invasion of Normandy - 8 Jun 1944


PEDAL Air Strlke on Port Blair and the Andaman Islands 21 Jun 1944

PEDESTAL Gibraltar-Malta Convoy 11-16 Aug 1942

PLANE Reconnaissance of enemy channel coast 12-29 Mar 1944

PORTCULLIS Convoy Alexandria-Malta Dec 1942

POSTHORN Home Fleet attacks on enemy airfields 1944

POTLUCK Air Operations - Norway 12-18 May 1944

PRINCIPAL & WELCOME Submarine Operations - Mediterranaean May 1943

PROPELLOR ? 13 Aug-19 Sep 1941

PROVIDENT Operations in Burma 1944


QO Minefield Clearance 1942

QUADRANGLE 4 convoys Alexandria-Malta Dec 1942


RETRIBUTION Operations in the Mediterranean 28 Apr & 8 May 1943

ROAST Military Operations in Italy 1 & 2-9 Apr 1945

ROCKET Hurricanes ferried to Malta June 1941


SALIENT Transfer of Fighter Aircraft to Malta 1942

SCARE Bombardment of Ramree Is. Burma 31 Dec 1943

SCREWBALL or SCREWDRIVER Operations on Arakan Coast Feb-Mar 1944

SCUPPER Operations in Burma 15 Oct 1944

SHINGLE Landings at Anzio 22 Jan 1944

SMI 23 Minesweeeping Orkneys and Shetlands 1944

SOURCE Midget Submarine Attack on TIRPITZ 22 Sep 1943

SPLICE Hurricanes ferried to Malta May 1941

STACEY Photo-Reconnaissance in the Far East 22 Feb-7 Mar 1945

STANLEY Various Clandestine Operations in the Mediterranean 1943

STEAK & SANDFAST Home Fleet Operations 1941-42

STONEAGE Convoy Alexandria-Malta Nov 1942

STONEWALL Operations in Western Channel Dec 1943-Jan 1944

STREAMLINE JANE Operation Majunga and Tanarive Madagascar Sep 1942

STRUGGLE Midget Submarine attack Jahore Strait 31 Jul 1945

STYLE Hurricanes ferried to Malta 21 Jul-4 Aug 1941

SUBSTANCE Gibraltar-Malta Convoy 21 Jul-4 Aug 1941

SUNBEAM Operation on Leros 1944

SUNFISH Bombardment of Sabang & air strike Oleheh 8-20 Apr 1945


TENEMENT Attack on Simi 13-15 Jul 1944

THWART & COVERED Operations in the Indian Ocean Mar 1944

TIGER Ammunition Convoy to Malta Apr-May 1941

TITLE Secret Operation

TORCH Landings in North Africa 8 Nov 1942

TRANSPORT & ONBOARD Operations in Andaman Is. 19-28 Mar 1944


VERITAS & RIDGE Air Strikes on German shipping off Norway Apr 1940

VIGOROUS Port Said-Malta Convoy 11-16 Jun 1942


WHITE Hurricanes ferried to Malta Nov 940

WINCH Hurricanes ferried to Malta Mar 1941

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