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The Battleship Bismarck. The Complete History Of A Legendary Ship

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postato da Kashin il 31 agosto 2006


Titolo: The Battleship Bismarck. The Complete History of a Legendary Ship.

Autore: José M. Rico.

data edizione: Aprile 2004.

Lingua: Inglese


Formato: Electronic PDF e-book, 170 b/w photos, 25 colour photos, 20 maps & drawings, prints 232 pages.





Comments: The complete operational history of the Bismarck from inception to final demise. Includes information on the wreck, crew, models, internet websites, etc. Over 193 sharp photos carefully selected, numbered, and chronologically arranged. Virtually everything you ever wanted to know about the legendary German battleship Bismarck.




· About the Author.

· Introduction.

· History of the Ship.

· The Bismarck Today.

· Appendices.

· Sources and References.



Ovviamente in inglese.-


raggiungibile qui: http://www.kbismarck.com/books/bsbook.html

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