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Wanted Hex-editing Team, 3d Modeling Team And Texturing Team

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Before ORP Orzel and ORP Grom projects I was doing project for SH3 called “SH3 Allies Conversion†It was spouse to give you control of Ally submarines instead of the German subs. Since I’m pro Ally and in general anti Axis kind of a guy it was logical to me that I have to change or at least try changing SH3 to Allies point of view. Since my parent’s heritage is Polish and I was born in USA and I never really done any mods for the Polish Community, I decided to do one for SH3 and for Poles in mind.


Of course Polish people are very meticulous and it wasn’t easy to fit in at first as my Polish isn’t that good but never the less I was accepted. Soon after when I was accepted I tried to gather some people with special skills to form the team and to complete this project “SH3 Allies Conversionâ€Â. However I couldn’t find any skilled mod people, for months I've tried to find them but to no avail. I was really starting to feel the frustration but then I said to myself, no there is no way I can do that myself. I told the Polish Community that I’m closing the doors for project “SH3 Allies Conversionâ€Â. The thing was that I knew how to do all this but it was an overwhelming task for one person. It was more of a pain and frustration than pleasure and fun modding.


SH3 from the get go was not designed to be mod friendly in mind. A lot of the work has to be done at hacking or hex-editing level not the mention 3d model creation and implementation. Sure the SH3 mod community is great but many of the tools created don’t do the work that I want or they’re not very precise at it.


Later I was contacted by Konrad a.k.a. Grom from Naval Base Polish Naval website. Konrad asked me to stay and told me there is one person who is doing ORP Orzel 3d model and could use my help I reluctantly agreed to come back, somewhat I was doubtful that there can be actually any help. Just as I was helping this person he had disappear and was never to be seen again just like ORP Orzel sub. However I decided to stay and try again pickup this heavy stone and see if I can get by implementation of a new 3d model into SH3. Again I was frustrated just of thinking how long it would take for me to create new 3d model and then add it etc. So I thought of it, I must cut the “red tape†and do it fast otherwise I may just as well quit altogether. Well, I figured since I’m one man team sort of like Rambo I decide to acquire existing 3d models freely available on the internet. I found ORP Jaskolka in virtual sailor and converted it from x. format to obj. format then started converting process back to SH3. It’s a lot faster than making new model myself and just as affective as I would have done it myself but with whole lot less time involved. However implementation is time consuming and can be very tedious work when doing it myself.


I don’t know what sort of skillful mod people you guys have here but I can tell you that you need to be a pro at modding games and I mean it a pro. If you can help bring hex-editing team, 3d modeling team, and texturing team we can make DC2 based on SH3 in say about 6 to 8 months.


The easiest way is to use existing u-boat’s 3d instruments and eventually later replace it with new DD views and instruments, DD watch tower etc. Also it is easier to convert sub sim model to DD sim model, because sub already has 2 physical sim models. One is surface sim model and second underwater sim model. So we just turn off underwater sim model leaving surface sim model. I’ve done it before with SH3 so it doesn’t take long to do all that. The real problem is implementation of new 3d models. It is so time consuming that to say that “it is boring†is an understatement. However we can use existing DD’s from SH3 and make them human controlled units. Now, you may have a question with regard to: can we have sub vs. dd or vice versa? Don’t know if it is possible technically two different sim models may work but haven’t tested it so don’t know. It may only be possible if one version of SH3 is original with sub sim model and the second with DD sim model. Technically it may work but…. Just can’t say for sure. One version will work for sure but two in combination don’t really know.


I have a forum dedicated to 2 projects: ORP Orzel & ORP Grom. You can write in English or Polish I understand both languages. As of now I have taken a break from modding SH3 and went to Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Star Wars Empire at War. At present time I’m testing mod official tools and servers for Pandemic’s Star Wars Battlefront 2.


So there you go, I’ve tried to make a long story short or did I?


PS. I can only spend about 2 hours or less modding time a day so…. It’s not much but I’m skilful and it makes up for the few hours that I can spend modding games.


Chris C


If your interested have the time and the skills mail me


Beta preview http://www.subclub.info/phpBB_subclub/view...=asc&highlight=



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