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Marco U-78 Scirè

Pt Boats: Knight Of The Sea

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Russian Torpedo Boat G-5


UK Motor Torpedo Boat Vosper


US PT Boat Elco


US PT Boat Higgins


German Torpedo Boat S-boot (Schnellboot)


Soviet Torpedo Boat D-3


Soviet Torpedo Boat Komsomolets


Soviet Small Motor Patrol Boats МО-4, МО-D3


German guard-ship KFK


Mine Sweeper R-boot


(new) Soviet Destroyer Type 7 and 7-U


German Destroyer Type Z-34


German Torpedo Boat Type T-37


Soviet Corvette Type «Brilliant»


German Minesweeper Type M


Soviet Minesweeper Type «Fugas»


German Fast Descent Barge Type D


US Cargo Ship type «Liberty»


German auxiliary cruiser «Hanza»


Soviet timber ship




US boatplane PBY-5A


Soviet fighter I-16


Soviet torpedo-bomber Il-4T

US torpedo-bomber А-20


Soviet dive - bomber Pе-2


(new) German dive - bomber Ju.87


German bomber He.111


Soviet attack Plane Il-2T


German hydroplane Arado Ar.196


German boatplane BV.138


Soviet boatplane MBR-2


German bomber Ju.88


Soviet fighter LaGG-3


Soviet fighter La-5


US fighter Р-40


German fighter FW-190



Soviet heavy machine gun DSHK 12.7mm


Automatic AA gun 20 mm Oerlikon


US heavy machine gun Browning .50 cal


UK heavy machine gun Vickers 0.5in


Soviet universal gun 21-K 45 mm


German AA gun 3.7 cm C/30


German automatic AA gun 2 cm C/38


Soviet automatic AA gun 61-K 37 mm


Automatic AA gun 40 mm Bofors




German automatic AA Gun 3.7 cm KM42


Soviet 130 mm gun


Soviet 76 mm anti aircraft gun


Soviet 100 mm gun


Soviet 102 mm gun


Soviet edium machine gun DA


German 15 cm gun


German 10,5 cm gun


German 8.8 cm gun


US 76 mm universal gun


Deep charges





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Guest Kashin

Sembra fatto bene come grafica ma gli Italiani come al solito dimenticati .......

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Guest Etna

Come al solito......!

Eppure la nostra storia non è seconda a nessuno,possibile che non interessi o non abbia,per dirlo nel loro stile,un adeguato bacino d'utenza ??

Basta poco....che ce vò !!


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